CFL Refs

I have been watching and I am an avid fan of the CFL but over the last couple of years (season) the compitence of the refs needs to be addressed.
So far this season, their calls have been a direct result of a game's outcome.
The question is " Is the game too fast for the staff?"
For the life of me how can a staff get two calls wrong in the same game. (MTL vs SASK)
Hopefully this gets corrected it not this will be a long season.....
I think the CFL needs to start acting like a professional league as they're always saying they are and think about employing full time officials.

Please not another bashing the refs thread.<

Here are some links to threads that have discussed your point of view and the other point of view to death. Everything that can be said has been said:

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And as you will see, not everyone shares your view that there were two wrong calls in the MTL vs. Sask game ...

btw, I see it is your first post. Welcome to the board all the same !!!

Lets just play the game with out Officials. Let the mayhem run wild. :roll: :roll:

Oh, never mind, we already have a sport like that, forgot about WWE :roll: :roll:

Yes Saskatchewan fans clearly loved both calls :lol:

Seriously though I think the refs in general do a good job. What I didn't like in this game was that the official got the Cates fumble wrong after video replay IMHO. To reverse a decision the evidence must be beyond doubt and it is clear that there was much doubt on that play.