CFL refs

:? I don't believe that 'Americans' can in any way help with the referee situation...but something must be done! Games should be decided by players not by the refs. Obviously the biggest problem with CFL refs is a lack of consistency, but I am sick of hearing the excuse of human error. They get paid to do the job. If I did my job that poorly I would be collecting UI by now. When the CFL reviews each game (and they must) poor work should be addressed - the lame should be fined or suspended or sent back to ref school (especially when the same things seem to happen game after game). Each ref has a specific area to watch/cover, it is their responsibility to position themselves, to focus, to watch.

Okay, I'm finished whining now. :wink:

i think delaying calls or a whistle here or there would go a long ways. Maybe conference with other officials and see what they saw on an infraction; hell maybe pick up a flag goes a long ways. I counted 8 times tonight whistles going before a player was out of bounds but was touched in bounds and the play blown down. Wait one second til the player is out; the players know not to hit out of bounds
that is why there is side lines. I thinkits's the same clowns every week running(or ruining) the circus.

[quote="treyfactor"]i think delaying calls or a whistle here or there would go a long ways. Maybe conference with other officials and see what they saw on an infraction; hell maybe pick up a flag goes a long ways. I counted 8 times tonight whistles going before a player was out of bounds but was touched in bounds and the play blown down. Wait one second til the player is out; the players know not to hit out of bounds
that is why there is side lines. I thinkitsAmen to that brother.

The ref's need to take a valium before the game. They involve themselves away to early in the play.

refs need to suspended and fined for dictating the outcome as much as they did tonight.

Is my timeout over yet mom?...

I guess I'm not the only one to think the ref's DECIDED the game tonight huh!

Does the term “poor sport” mean anything to you? You guys lost. Yes, you may have got screwed on a call, but teams have been getting screwed all season long.

Oh lighten up, for crissakes HTD....I suppose you think you're the only team ever to have a PI non-call?

I think it's weenie when people say refs cost the better earlier, so that the game doesn't have to come down to the final thirty seconds, maybe.....

I'll still go back to the new rules, there's too many and the officials can't keep track of the game. Removing all the soft penalties and just giving the refs a simple roughing call to cover plays the are unnecessary would eliminate most of the delays and momentum killers that permiate the game.

Funny how a thread can go 2 effin pages about a call that had NO bearing on the outcome of a game HERE is allowed to go on but I'm a "weenie" for calling out a BLATANT non call that potentially DECIDED the outcome of a game.

I can hardly contain myself jm02 when the day comes that the Riders get eff'd out of a game by a call by your ever loving officials. (it will happen by todays Refs)

You can say well they should have done this or that during the game, but when the chips fall ALL that matters is the moment that the call was made/not made.

When that day comes.. I certainly expect you to just smile and wave.

You don't know me very well, then, and I think I'm thankful for that at this point.....I don't whine about reffing, as a general rule, and while I have agreed that the reffing this year is subpar, if you peruse my post history, you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere where I've stated that any one call determined the outcome of a game.....If the Riders get screwed over by a call, so be it.....I suppose they should have capitalized on things earlier in the game to make it so that call (or non-call) didn't matter in the first place.

But that's just me. I tend to not get worked up about games I don't play in personally, and in which I don't have any influence on the outcome.

You got it it. They have to many penalties that cab create confusion just like their leader George Black. The first one I would get rid of is this touching the passer (called roughing). This is tackle football and the defender touches the QB and gets 15 yards which is crap. Tonight the non call was rediculous. How many more gems are going to be decided by the refs? Consistancey is all the fans are asking for. EIther put the whistle away on most calls or call everything.

I thought that last night's Eskies/Ticats game was no worse than average for CFL referees. There were some blatant PI miscalls and very uneven, inconsistent calls on late hits and unneccessary roughness. I can't understand the lack of consistency when there are so few crews working the games each week. I think I see Jake Ireland more often than my kids some weeks...

Contrary to many of the posts regarding last night's game, I didn't feel like the Cats were blatantly 'done in' by the refs, I just felt like they never got a break.

After the ball game last night, I reflected upon the fact that the Cats never seem to get those breaks from the officials.

In fact, in three of seven games this season, the (unbiased) TV commentators from both networks have accused the referees of stealing from Hamilton a chance to win the ballgame.

This alone should be cause for concern.

However, my biggest concern this year about the officials come from non Ticat games.

The flag thrown in the Argos/Als game which nullified a perfectly valid interception, and the flag thrown on the Levingstone fumble in the Riders game were excessive in a way that I cannot explain away.

Fortunately neither of these two plays ultimately affected the verdict of the game (although the former did change the score). The concern is that these were not mistakes of judgement or rule interpretation or even incompetence. There is something else at play in both of these situations that I can't quite put my finger on.

As a 40 year fan of this league, I implore the CFL executive, Mr. Black, and CFL fans across the league to watch the videos of these two plays which are posted widely on this site and explain what is going on this season that is causing all of these problems.

Well said. My only problem with all this is that the league officials seem to think they know football better than the loyal and devoted fans. I know I don't know every rule but I am involved in Canadian football at every level and it frustrates me at the INEPT officiating we are getting.
Edmonton people say its sour grapes from last night- I cheer for neither team. I watched every CFL game this week and once again the officiating was SUBPAR. This is football; if an advantage is gained or if something blantant call it. This "guessing" by the officials has got to end-- get together and conference on a play. Many people say that it is just sore losers-- I could care less about half the teams in the league but these guys are professionals. They need professionals officiating. Not guys that are on the field with no integrity for the game and can't acknowledge a mistake. I agree that Hamilton got hosed on their last play with the ball but the play right before the same receiver dropped a wide open catch. You have to overcome on your own; but its becoming the rule and not the exception to the rule.
I also implore the moderators here as well as and CFL executives to look at the problem and understand that fans are frustrated and even disillusioned with terrible and inadequate display of officating on the field.
We are a society of rules and sports require rules as well. If a policeman makes a major mistake by arresting or citing a person for something they didn't do or ignore a transgression they are immediately disciplined and there are consequences. The consequences in this case are the fans are gonna quit watching and paying admissions. It's time for change!

So, you know moderators can't do squat about officiating, right?

I know they have ZERO NONE nada but if they write to their bosses about how troubled the people here are it gets momentum going.

Well no offense, but as a mod, I have no sway, writing would be as effective as you writing....

...please pm all your reffing concerns to the Moderator Third_and_Ten who is the liason to George Black, Head of Officiating....Third_and_Ten will be directly responsible for dealing with all your concerns...

lmao - Turd soooo deserves that, doesn't he? :lol:

it was making a point jm--- fine then write a letter- if something is done its better than nothing and seeing games wrecked week in and week out. I know it's no huge conspiracy butit's time for change.

Personally, I'm not the letter-writing type, so venting about reffing from jm02 via letter to CFL higher-ups isn't gonna happen anytime soon.....and I got your point. I was simply clarifying that despite your statement, moderators have no more influence over such matters as other posters.