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I got a pm message that mentioned that NFL refs werent full time--just like CFL refs-- well duh they play 18-19 years games a year. Average NFL ref makes 50000 a year and have to work their way from High school to college to NFL. beginning Salary is 29000 a year up to 79000 for a veteran. How many CFL players are making that same range.. I just don't believe we have a good development system for new refs as football isn't a huge sport like it should be.. I just think CFL refs aren't fulltime-- but they are paid to be professional-- time to start acting like it; instead of inept idiots who are covering their behinds.

How about having a CFL referee version of Drivers Ed courses? Once a year in the offseason, Refs attend a few days of intensive classes where the rulebook is reviewed, with particular emphasis on 3 areas:

  1. New rules or changed rules.

  2. Modifications to the procedures and eligibility for challenges and video replay.

  3. Areas from the previous season where the officiating seemed to often be challenged or problematic.

After the period of study, there would be a two-part test.

Part 1 would be simply testing basic knowledge of the rulebook.

Part 2 would be like the roadtest; more challenging in that there would be a series of plausible real-life officiating situations, akin to having to parallel park an actual car. The officials would be given a series of game situations, either on paper or perhaps replay footage of actual game plays, and they would be required to write a short answer to each, detailing how they would rule the play results, any penalty flags they would have thrown. Perhaps one or two challenged plays would be included, and on those cases the officials would review the footage or scenario given, and describe if and why would they retain or overturn the field ruling.

Such a process would give the CFL a good picture of whether the officiating crews are in step with the league on the current rules and flow of the game, and whether the officials have serious inconsistencies or gaps in their understanding and knowledge which oould lead to potentially disastrous or incorrect calls.

The refs are fine.

inept! Amatuers reffing professionals-- way above their heads!

Refs in no sport are perfect. You're juvenile to expect them to be.

The CFL is the hardest game in the world to ref. The refs do an adequate job.

What gets me is, while there are some problems with the refs......they are no worst than any other sport....People just seem to associate the CFL as amateur players and amateur refs.

nope pro players; amatuer refs with pro egos... see it every week watch the games-- At least the 'NFL will apoligize to teams for mistakes but most times they get it right.

I say put Dunigan in as a CFL official! It could make things very interesting, LOL

I disagee.
I dont watch much NFL but I see quite a few bad calls.

And what do egos have to do with it?

Here is an interesting article from Jan 2006

[url=] ... Page1.html[/url]
This weekend was an embarrassment to the NFL and the integrity of the game as officiating crews made several questionable calls during the playoff games. From the New England Patriots-Denver Broncos game, to the Pittsburgh Steelers-Indianapolis Colts games
To be honest, in my opinion I feel this was the worst officiated season ever in the NFL and it's time these officiating crews be held responsible in the public's eyes and not behind closed doors.
Sound familiar?

How about this one!

Dedicated to exposing the worst officials in all of professional sports

The NFL must change the way it's officials are trained and rules are enforced. A simple primer for NFL officials: if you're not positive you saw it, don't throw the flag keep the whistle out of your mouth until the play is over don't make up rules let the "ticky tack" stuff slide in big games don't cover up mistakes, admit when you're wrong
Where have I heard that before?

I didn't even need to use the link, I remeber both those games vividly, but, I do have to say in the end, the right teams ended up winning, which is very hard for me to say being a Pats Fan. The worst call by NFL refs came in this years AFC championship game, Pats up 21-3 and driving late in the 1st half, on 3rd down they convert a 1st down inside the Colts 15, but a phantom offensive pass interference call, which the NFL later said was not interference, made it 3rd and long and the Pats ended up punting, the Colts got 3 before the half, and scored the first 2 TD's of the second half, as well as a 2 pt conversion to tie, and went on to win by 4, had that call not been made, barring a TO, or the Pats scoring again which was very likely, at least 3 if not 7, the worst case scenario would have been Pats up 21-3 at half, even if the Colts came out and got those 2 TD's they probably wouldn't have gone for 2 at that point, and would've only been up 3, instead of 4 at the end of the game, and Pats coulda tied it with an FG. Point being, ro is right NFL refs are far from perfect, but the other poster who aid at least the NFL will admit its mistakes is right as well

Well then I guess it is settled. We are all happy with poor officiating and look forward to more poor officiating in the future.

Thank God we figured that one.

Unless of course you disagree with them:


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I can see 3 holds on this TD. First on #3 Khalil Carter, then on #50 Mike O'Shea, and most blatantly on #99 Ron Flemons in the middle of the field.

That's what put the game away for Montreal.

Jake needs a break (maybe in his neck).
Ireland has to be the most one-sided ref I've seen in nay sport...