CFL refs vs NFL refs

I will admit guys/gals I'm not an NFL spectator and rarely watch an NFL game in its entirety.....Just a few minutes here and there on occasion.

My question to those who regularly watch NFL games:

Are NFL refs better than CFL refs or is there the same inconsistency south of the border? Are the complaints about blatant non-calls [and calls that should not have been called] as prolific in NFL games as they are in our league?

Are NFL refs better trained and better at calling the game than their CFL counterparts?

I'd be quite interested in hearing from CFL fans who are also avid spectators of the NFL games. Like many of you I am getting quite concerned about the refereeing we are seeing during our CFL games.

I'm a super casual NFL viewer. When it comes to refs, there is no comparison NFL refs are much better. It is their full time job, even in the offseason.

Without question NFL has better officiating. I would equate the CFL officials to the replacement refs which covered the first 3 or so weeks of last year's NFL season. They were so bad that the league was forced to settle with the refs to prevent loss of spectators.

I watch both, the CFL and the NFL.

IMHO, the NFL refs are nowhere near perfect, but they are much more consistent overall.

They also call a lot of things differently down south. For example, down there, the QB is actually still a football player that can be hit, not a piece of china that everyone is afraid will break if dropped. DBs are given much more leeway with contact in the NFL than they are in the CFL, and god only knows what the NFL would do with a CFL style group TD celebration!

Maybe NFL refs have it a bit easier with the narrower field, less pre-snap motion, and generally slower pace of the game. I don't know. But they certainly have a much deeper talent pool to draw from, as the NCAA provides a HUGE training ground that Canadian university and junior football systems simply cannot match.

Whatever the case, as I said earlier, my personal observation is that the quality of officiating is substantially higher in the NFL.

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The fact that you had to reference links from a year ago (Sept 2012, and referring to REPLACEMENT REFS, no less!), and five years ago (2008) kind of makes everyone else's point for them. The complaints about CFL officials are heard weekly. And yes, there are lots of complaints about NFL officials, as well, but since there are 10-20 times as many NFL fans as there are CFL fans (at least based on tv numbers), then there should be 10-20 times the number of complaints as well. There aren't, at least not that I'm aware of.

In any case, no one is saying that NFL officiating is perfect, or even close. Just that they have a deeper talent pool, and that they are more consistent in their calls than CFL officials. I know this is tough for you to swallow, FYB, but your opinion is contrary to the majority on this one, I think.

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I am just finding random pages from various yrs that are a small sampling of the equal disatisfaction many nfl fans have for their refs as a number of cfl fans have with cfl refs. If you read every word, you will see the same complaints. Take out the letters NFL and you would think they were talking about CFL.

as for majority opinion, allow me to point out the obvious challenge to majority opinion being right.....the world is flat.

re replacement refs, that one got by me. I was trying to avoid that topic.

from 2011...two full years ago

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again from 2011.

see my previous comment, you're making the opposite point of what you are intending.

just wait till this season starts.

that I am not finding a lot more recent example has more to do with my poor search skills. I once found a lot more plus up to date examples of similar complaints about NBA, NHL and even euro soccer. IN fact, at that time, the only thing I couldnt find much complaint about was MLB umpires, go figure.

The NFL refs get much better pay, full time , better trained and I’m sure much better benefits. This will attract the best and brightest in any type of job .

I watch both leagues, NFL refs make their share of bad calls too...just human, no matter how well you are paid or trained. Look at the last Super Bowl when the 49ers receiver was held in the endzone at the end of the game, but there was no call. I do think the CFL refs have improved a lot in the last 5 years.

It seems like fans of every league ... NFL, CFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, whatever... always think their league has the worst refs. But I watch both leagues and it's not even close. I say this as someone who regularly defends refs... in all leagues. The NFL refs are far from perfect, but they are much, much, much better than the CFL ones.

CFL refs do a terrific job considering the speed of the game, the size of the field with 24 players and the unlimited motion and live-action punts and kicks. In the NFL, the refs there have a much easier job, most of the players just stand around while the play is going on with often only 2 or 3 players actually involved in the play, with fewer extended runs or YAK.

As far as I know, NFL officials are NOT full-time employees of the league. If someone has info to the contrary, please post it.

One thing I have observed is that NFL refs are much, much quicker at making calls. If a flag is thrown the in the NFL head ref goes to the ref who threw the flag and within a second or two is announcing what the penalty was and against which player. In the CFL even obvious calls often require the entire officiating crew to have a pow-wow and discuss it for anywhere from thirty seconds to a minute before they can announce the penalty.

Oh, and one other peeve I have with our referees up here is when the ball is all set up, both teams are ready and the refs whistle the play in, then with 15 seconds on the time clock randomly whistle the play dead, have an official run and stand over the ball for three seconds and then whistle in the play again. It doesn't happen extremely often, but it seems to occur at least two or three times a game. Why do they do this?

Amen. Think a lot of the "NFL vs CFL refs" bias comes from the fans secretly in the back of their minds thinking "NFL is superior to CFL". Inferiority complex.

That's usually to correct BC's time keeper. Does that guy fall asleep during a game?

I would say that NFL refs are marginally better then the CFL ones. It's almost like there is a philosophical disconnect between the two. Up here, it seems to be, when in doubt let it slide (except with QBs). Down there, it seems to be, when in doubt, call it. I find there are a lot more non-calls up here, conversely, down there there is a lot more chincey calls.

Regardless though, by far the worse reffing in sports goes to soccer. You have refs that are regularly taking payoffs and getting away with it because FIFA never does anything to their officials. In the smaller leagues, where there isn't as much shady business going on, they are still understaffed. A single ref and two linesman is simply not adequate to policy a field that large.

After that, the NHL has terrible reffing. The amount of non-calls and chincey makeup calls (because the ref's didn't do their job in the first place) that go in the NHL is sickening. There is a reason that international hockey has a ban on fighting, and that's because dirty play is regularly called out for what it is, and suspensions and discipline get universally applied regardless if you are a star player, or there was a picture in the paper this week.

and while I don't watch it very often anymore. I can't say I ever saw a bad call from an NBA ref.