cfl refs suck

am i the only one who thinks the cfl refs cant ref

I think you need to go take a hike.

wow you scare me lol

i take it your happy with the refs in the sask tor game

i think they are calling a good game thus far. The Riders are simply taking far too many penalties, but they deserve them/

i do believe they deserve some of them yes but at same time i have seen a few from tor not called there are two teams out there

Okay im hearing a perfectly refd game!! There have been questionale calls and none calls.

Doesn't matter if the team doesn't show up until the 4th. We sucked again tonight!! Time for some change, at least show us that the organization gives a S#%T.

the referees did not decide the outcome of this game. WE as a team did, once again.

This team has talent but needs mentoring…as such, I think a 1-7 record at this point calls for some changes.

ref's bad calls or not is not the issue, coaching, coaching, coaching! if nothing is done in this bye week, the whole hierarchy of rider nation needs overhauling! montreal expo's were over achiever's there whole franchise time and good coaching/scouting accomplished that!

I totally agree. The refs never caused this loss. If you think they did, why not blame me for sunrise coming later or sunset coming earlier. While you're at it, go ahead and blame me for winter showing up in a few months. Players were trying to play hard, but were they pressing too much? Were they trying to win or trying not to lose? Many questions that fans want answers to. Who will pay the price for this latest debacle?

Just because the Riders had a lot of calls against them doesn't mean the refs suck. Also I don't think you understand how hard reffing any sport actually is.

En général, l'arbitrage a été correct. J'estime tout de même qu'il y a eu une interference sur Dressler au 4ième quart et cette interference n'a pas été punie. Cela aurait donné du temps de plus aux Roughriders à la fin de la partie, et plutôt que d'attaquer du 25-30 en fin de match, ils l'auraient peut-être fait du 10-15.