What a JOKE call on the Ricky Williams NO TD.

Does the ref realize what sport it is !!??

That was a ONE on ONE BATTLE ... you do not call lack of forward motion on a ONE ON ONE !!!!!!!!!! IDIOT !!!


I couldnt agree more. What a horrid call on that play.

Nothing they could do about it - the whistle had gone already.....judgement calls in this game - they figured no more forward progression would be made.....wrong in this case, but such is the nature of the game.

"NATURE" of the GAME !!???????

It was ONE on ONE for Cotton Fr-Eakin sakes .... is the CONCEPT of a TACKLE so hard to understand !! There is NO EXCUSE FOR THAT CALL, PERIOD !


Once the whistle is gone, the play is dead…end of story. It might be the wrong call, but wrong calls are made in every game. That’s the problem with human refs - always a margin for error. You think no other teams have had calls not in their favour?

they say the refs in the world cup are bad

they complained about the nhl playoff reffing.

NFL fans alway complain about their reffing.

Is there any group of fans of any sport of any league in any country who as agroup said, well done refs, you were great?

If everybody in the world is constantly complaining about ALL refs, maybe the fault isnt with the refs. Maybe the fault is with our unreasonable expectations of perfection or near perfection. Maybe those who complain the most should doing the job themselves first.

Then again...maybe ya just plain have to suck to become a ref in the first place :twisted:

Major League Baseball.

Nah, the umps apparently suque in that too. How else can you explain the classic exploits of Earl Weaver, Billy Martin, and Lou Pinella. Hell, just look at that "episode" in minor league Class-A earlier this week.

WTF just happened here no challenge?

Bad call to be sure, but Toronto punched it in on the next play so there was no real harm done.

I thought that not only did the official blow that call, it looked like there should have been a face mask call as the BC defender seemed to have his hand in Ricky's face trying to stop him. It was great second effort by Williams in any case.

that’s like the fumble last week in Edmonton, the ref already blow the whistle and called the play dead when their was a fumble. If the ref blows the whistle, the play is dead, you can’t challenge that.

I thought Wiliams got in too . But having said that , when the whistle went , did the defender relax , having heard the whistle , hence Williams was able to push further ahead?? How do you know that wasn't the case ?? I don't know , maybe that's what gave Williams the extra push at that point.
Therefore you can't have a replay once the whistle blows because the whistle affects what the players do after it's blown . The whistle is a factor that replay can't rule out.

Williams , had his best game tonight , so far , but I think that the REFS got most things right tonight.

The ARGOS killed themselves with turn overs and many pen.

B.C. are a great team , still.

I'm STUNNED that the Refs actually got the fumble call right, the first time.

MY POINT about the Ricky Williams play was that this is FOOTBALL ... it is ALL ABOUT the ONE ON ONE BATTLES ... forward motion is not even a concern when it is ONE ON ONE ... the play is not over until his KNEE or BODY hits the GROUND ...PERIOD.END OF STORY.

IF you see a ONE vs TWO OR MORE ... then, AND ONLY THEN is forward motion a FACTOR to be considered.

Sheesh. Did it really need an EXPLANATION !?


Sorry but you are flat out wrong, many plays end with ball carriers being held up , upright . Just watch the game , in the future you'll see lots of plays ending that way.

was that a new crew doing the game last night.....I dont recall seeing those guys before....thought they did a really good job for the most part....some close calls on the sidelines they got right and the fumble at the end by cant really expect much more from these guys......

It was a quick whistle IMO. Ricky was never really stopped.

It was a quick whistle yes , and Williams did go in after . But how do you know if that wasn't a case of the defender relaxing abit at the whistle?
It made no difference to the game at any rate because Wynn took it in on the next play .
A well called game overall as verified by replay.

How can you tell the fans of a team that loses? They blame the refs ha ha ha go sit on the can an contimplate life! The game is over nothing can be done the Argo's put up a good fight ( I was cheering for them) but they came up short. Look at the good side Wynn played well enough they were in the game. I agree he was in for the TD but thats football! Take the good with the bad calls right!