CFL Refs - Inconsistant

As a 100% CFL fan, I see an alarming trend over the last three years but it has now surfaced and is getting out of control. Apart from one CFL official (the one with the French accent) the others are for lack of another word very inconsistant. I was under the impression with Higgins in control things would improve. Unfortunately thay have not. The bioggest problem as I see it is lack of calls and boardline calls. I get the impression none of these officialsreally understand the game......Example the DE CHICK from Sask shouldn't been called for at least three Roughing the passer penalities on Sunday. But here's the inconsistancy if Toronto was playing the calls would be made. The worst officiating group I have ever seen was the one two weeks ago, where the ref had a moustache.....Until this is fixed the CFL will always look second rate. I also feel for ther Winnipeg fans on the Cahoon catch, the fans saw it as being out of bounds but the officials did not.

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Again with the belly-aching. I've seen NFL refs botch a coin flip on national TV, and another one nearly blind a player in one eye by hitting him in the face with his flag, but you don't see NFL fans going on about how their league looks second-rate compared to the other major sports.

I wonder if there are fans in other countries who spend as much time tearing down the league they're a fan of?

Ironically, I frequent an NFL message board where the comments are virtually identical to those raised here, and the posters there refer to CFL officials as being the standard to emulate.

I think displeasure with officials is a universal constant, kind of like the speed of light and gravity.

As frustrating as the officiating can be at times, I always thank God that our officials are just incompetent and not corrupt like the NBA's. Could be worse, guys...

Everyone makes mistakes and the refs are no different. Everything happens so fast out there and I think alot of pressure is being put on these guys that they don't want to make mistakes, so they are reluctant to call a close call, but rather let it go. I know I get mad when they make mistakes but really it is part of the game. In the end it usually evens out.

You dont know that they would have been called, and you lose credibility with a claim like that

Full props to ro for even understanding that sentence....

And to Saskatchewan for signing a chick to play defensive end. That's very open-minded of them. :thup:

We're all for having Chicks in the locker room....

How dare the Officials have Moustaches , next they will be having the old Toni perm.

The CFL does not look second rate.
What are you saying it looks second rate too? The NFL?
You must not watch very much NFL. If you did, you would notice the refs having just as many problems.
Football is a fast game, with very little time to make the right call. The margin of error is far greater than any other sport for refs (IMO).

Football officials look bad because all the play stoppages allow the commentators to point out missed calls.

There is no time to discuss a missed hold or trip in hockey because the play is still happening. And by the time there is a whistle, there's either a goal or a penalty to talk about, or they cut to commercial.

I have to laugh when I see threads like this with comments coming from "fans" who have only a faint knowledge of the most basic rules. Hmmmm, who am I going to believe? Some guy in his easy chair who's had half a dozen beers and a bag of Doritos or an official with 20 or 30 years of amateur and professional experience who has pretty much memorized the rule book, participates in weekly film sessions and evaluations, is in pretty good physical shape and is only four or five YARDS away from the play in question?

Fans are entitled to their opinions of course, but it reflects more upon them than the officials, especially when they try and hang their favourite team's latest loss on the stripes rather than hold the players and coaches responsible.

No league has consistent refereeing. Not just the CFL!

Refs are human, make mistakes and are all individuals therefore they interpret rules slightly differently.

If you're talking about the 2001 incident with Jerome Bettis and R59 Luckett, the official in question got the call correct.

[url=] ... stext.html[/url]

Read that link and you'll understand.

With this incident, you're talking about R42 Triplette. He threw a flag on the play for an infraction that he saw. He properly followed NFL mechanics by throwing the flag in a fashion that makes the flag fly like a small rainbow. The NFL changed how referees throws flag after this incident.

If you're going to mention bad NFL officiating events, please at least use ones where the referees were wrong, such as the R85 incident from last year's DEN/SD game.

Sorry that you don't like my examples, but the ultimate point is that when NFL referees botch calls, and even when they appear to botch calls and don't, NFL fans don't go crying that their league is second-rate.

Reffing problems stem from a lack of funds to pay 'em. You invest in full-time referees and the quality will likely improve.

The zebras haven't been particularly bad this year compared to previous seasons, but there seem to be types of penalties they're miscalling or have been instructed to call a certain way (PI being the most notable example). Receiver off-side is rampant without flags being thrown. Seems like the word from on high is to give offenses more of a chance, which is ironic considering that offense is down this season.

There are NO full-time officials in any professional football league be it NFL, UFL, XFL, AFL...none of them.

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