cfl refs filling in for vacationing nfl refs?

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go figure ehhh

Did you notice that in the report that NFL refs averaged $173,000 a year...for their part time work?

CFL refs make less than a tenth of that. I'd say 3-down fans are getting VERY good value for their zebra money...

Why is this in the CFL section? This has nothing to do with the CFL.

Check back in any of the many ref-bashing threads, and you'll find at least one post stating that you'd never see NFL officials make mistakes like the ones CFL officials make. This is simply a rebuttal to all of those posts.

The thread title doesn't seem to be saying it's a rebuttal. Even if it is the sorry state of NFL officiating has nothing to do with the CFL.

clearly the whole thing has just gone right over your head :roll:

Some people don't get satire - which should be a requirement for Canadian citizenship.

Forgetting that you are one of the saner posters when it comes to officials is what happened. There are so many "blame the ref" threads here that you could probably see how a person could view it as more ref bashing when that person forgets what the poster has previously said on matter.

yes, that is so :slight_smile:

Good post CatsfaninOttawa, I was thinking the exact same thing!

Your bang on dude, I can' recall all the NFL ref's are so much better then CFL ref's all the time on here.