CFL Refs Fail Again??

The CFL Refs are just Brutal in their calls after watching the Saskatchewan and Edmonton game how blatant does a Helmet to helmet hit have to be on the QB as the one that Riders Dwight Anderson gave to Mike Rielly of the Eskimos with the Ref standing in full view No call, No penalty, terrible illegal hit. We all know Dwight Anderson has a bad reputation for mouthing off and illegal hits but how blatant does a hit have to be not to get called?

The CFL should fine Dwight Anderson a 3 game suspension without pay that would send a pretty clear message that Dirty Football is not tolerated by the Riders or any other team!

The league is hypocritical. They talk a big game on concussions but they can't even get their refs to look out for the most dangerous hits of all. Before they go educating high school players may be they should educate their own refs.

If Cohon and Higgins come out and say anything except "The refs were wrong" I will be extremely disappointed.

The official doesn't have to get fined/fired, but somebody screwed up, and a professional organization would admit it.

And then the replay official failed to overturn the fumble as they should have.

Where a turnover is the direct result of a major foul which was not penalized (e.g. clothesline which caused a fumble, face mask on a tackle when a fumble occurs) Note: The reviewable aspect of this play is that the alleged major foul was the primary cause of the turnover. If there was no change of possession, this play is not reviewable.
Anyone have any doubt that the (uncalled) helmet-to-helmet hit was the primary cause of the turnover?

Wasn’t Anderson with the hit on Reilly that caused the turnover late in the game; the player was #35 LB Weldon Brown. None the less the league will review the hit.

And please - be just as supportive when its other teams - there have been plenty other similar examples and everyone is silent and when the shoe is on the other foot most call those complaining sore losers.

If on review ( I listened on siruis and on that play the Edmonton announcers never questioned the hit - they questioned if the ball was down on contact ) - if it was intentional head to head then deal with it and then ensure that it is consistent for all teams.

Saskatchewan is no more dirty then any other teams - and it seems that there is a very different standard for most people depending on the team

And they will review the non-call with the on-field officials. But will they review the review?

The poor reffing is really turning me off of the cfl. I think the league needs to address this issue it's killing the game and turning people off . Imoh this is getting critical and the biggest problem facing the CFL. Maybe all posters on here should get Something together and send it to Cohen .

Not surprised at all. Officiating in this league, including video review, is nothing short of disgraceful. Clearly, absolutely clearly, a helmet to helmet hit goes un flagged. You have to be blind to miss that. Also the best angle to rule on the fumble was from the side the official was on and it clearly, again absolutely clearly, that Reilly's butt hit the turf BEFORE the ball came loose.

I feel bad for the Eskimos, they had a shot at tying this game and it was taken away by both the blind and incompetent Murray Clarke and the feeble and senile Jake Ireland. If Murray Clarke does playoffs after this disaster then obviously the league doesn't give a damn about officiating. As for video review;

IT MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The league has proven they're incapable of utilizing it properly. For those that think there is no problem (FYB for one) how would you feel if that happened to your team in the Grey Cup. It is coming and sooner than later.

Video review is ruining the game.

Anybody remember how much time was left on the clock when that hit happened? I'm watching on the PVR and haven't finished the game yet, but I want to make sure to watch closely.

Under 3 minutes. You won't miss it, the helmet hit caused the fumble that was reviewed. There's a significant stoppage in play.

It’s really sucks and it’s just not one ref it’s all of them. My conspiring mind sometimes wonders if Higgens is somehow responsible for this. As much as it hurts when it’s my team I hurts when I see it happen to other teams too, we should be talking about what a great game this was and how Sheets is the best running back in the CFL but we will talk about how bad the reffing is AGAIN!

Absolutely. Name me another pro league that has a chief official that has never officiated any sport at any level. Would you hire Jake Ireland to coach the Bombers (even though he can't do much worse than Burke :wink: )? Then why hire a coach as your chief official? The dumbest decision the league has made since the American experiment.

Yeah, just got to it. The inconsistency is crazy, they've called that hit on the QB fairly regularly. Can't believe there was no flag.

Should be interesting to see if the league comments on it Monday. All the talk about head shots and they had the perfect time to step up but completely blew it.

Although Im not disputing a helmet to helmet hit, had that hit been clean its likely still a fumble anyway. Video replay messed up today as well, overturning the Hugh Charles fumble when there clearly isnt any evidence from the angles shown to overturn the call. Roughing the passer has been inconsistent forever in this league, so I'm not surprised that wasnt called.

You might be right, take away the head shot and it still would have been a big hit I didn't see the Charles fumble so I can't comment on it . I'm not so upset about the loss or the turnover but the fact that the league needs to step up and protect it's QB's, it's shameful the reffing quality we have in the CFL.

Seriously? Must I post a a video showing Anderson hitting him square in the chest and his helmet coming down to colide?

How about the blatant holding on Stamps' first TD... then again on the Esks' go ahead TD later in the game? It goes both ways...

Helmet to helmet and the helmet made contact at the same time as the body. I don't think it was deliberate. It appeared he was trying to get his head down in the "strike zone" but didn't get low enough. I think a fine is in order, but a suspension would be inconsistent with worse hits that have only received a suspension. (yes I am aware of the uselessness in expecting the league to exhibit any kind of consistency).