CFL Refs Are The WORST!

[b]The Tiger-Cats Were GIVEN The Game Tonight!

AWARDED A Bogus Touchdown After The CORRECT Clipping Call Was REVERSED??????????????????

Sure....You Can Go On And On How The Lions Fumbled And Dropped Easy Passes!

That's NOT The Point!

Canadian Football Ref's Are The WORST In ALL Pro Sport!

Tonight PROVED It Once Again![/b]

The call was so easy and then to have it reversed. I can't explain it.

Boo Hoo

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

The officiating was down at the usual level they are in the CFL. Time to invest some money in officiating. That all being said, the Lions have nobody but themselves to blame for this loss.

To be fair, the Lions got a lot of favourable questionable calls that led to points for them on the scoreboard in the first half. Just because the calls started to even out, doesn't mean the refs gave it to the Cats. Five turnovers in the fourth quarter is the ONLY reason B.C. lost.

P.S. I agree that the reffing sucked, but it DID go both ways. I know it's hard, but try to be objective about it.

It was revealed after the game that the refs wrongly reversed the ruling for the clip on MacKenzie. Their interpretation "...because it happened behind the line of scrimmage..." is redundant; according to the rule book, the infraction occurs regardless. If Bauman's TD was called back - as it should have, the result would likely have been very different.
Correct me if I'm wrong (Iwatched the game from inside a loud pub), but had Wally used up his challenges by then?

I agree that the call reversal on the illegal block led to a touchdown by the cats in the fourth quarter, but they still may have scored anyway. Furthermore, look at the pass interference call against the Ti-Cats (Arceneaux was barely grazed and he went down like he was shot to draw the penalty) with about 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. It was a huge gain and directly led to 7 points for the Lions. I think you could call it even.

No question, the officiating was suspect tonight (as it is most nights), but it DIDN'T cost the Lions the game. Five turnovers in the 4th quarter is what did it. End of story.

Wally couldn't challenge it because you can't challenge penalty calls.

The CFL Refs, reflect the actual quality of the league itself.
Funny how some guys, always Blame the Refs, for the out come of a game.
Whether it be the CFL, NFL. NHL or their own kids Hockey is always the Refs.....that cost them, the game..
Ya........the Refs really Blew it, Big Time....and YES.......they really do Suck.....but.....are you trying to tell us, that is why the Lions Lost?
We left the game at the 4 minute mark of the what we were seeing unfold, was not worth hanging around for.
Casey looked Great and like the Casey of old, in the First half......but then... he just Lost it, for some unforeseen reason.
Thank God it is Sunday......and we can watch the NFL with it's superior players.
Seriously.......did any of you watch Angus Reid "Waddle" back to the huddle, after a play?
Why he is on the Field at all, not to mention the Team, is really beyond us?
And it is because of Players just like him, that make the NFL, the Better game.
If the Lions had any pride or class at all, they would refund every ones money, for last nights embarrassment.
Now........if your Post was about.......the Lions having the WORST Coaching Staff in the could be onto something!
The Lions and their players......should be embarrassed of themselves, and their lack of Balls and Heart!

Totally brutal call, but it's the CFL can't expect anything great.

Lions should not have gift wrapped this loss. Yes the better team lost. We have proved that we can beat the Al's, TO, and are a better team than the TiCats...should be able to handle bombers. The east doesn't seem to be an issue if BC can be consistent, but there is the problem...consistency!

A win against Calgary should shut some people up. Hell the riders caught them on a bad night and they are inconsistent too.

So the future is not looking too bad right now if BC can hold it together.....

No, the better team did not lose. Hamilton was the better team. Hamilton had 449 total yards on offence to B.C.'s 402. Furthermore, B.C. had 5 turnovers to Hamilton's 2.

The game was relatively evenly played up until the 4th quarter. The only reason B.C. was ahead up until that point was because of some undisciplined penalties by Hamilton and a few favourable pass interference calls that led to touchdowns for the Lions.

Be objective, yes the illegal block reversal was a bad mistake by the refs, but they made lots of errors last night and not just against the Lions. The ONLY reason the Lions lost last night was because of the 5 turnovers that they allowed in the 4th quarter. Give credit where credit is due. The Cats were the superior team on this night.

Typical Vancouver Sports Fan.

Keep it classy, "backer."

Refs blew some calls the other evening for sure but like someone pointed out, the Lions have also benefited from blown calls as well. Can poor refereeing determine the outcome of a game? I believe it can and I believe it has on occasion. It depends on where the call took place, which team had momentum, what the score was and so on.

I think in the end the calls balance out. It's odd how the refs on many occasions have made incredibly good calls, especially after being challenged and reviewed and proven to be excellent calls. And what is even more odd is that no one says a lot if the so called blown call goes in favor of the home team.

Someone said it was not the refereeing that determined the game result against Hamilton. I agree. I don't think it did when you look at the fumbles, interceptions and miscues the Lions made. That determined the outcome more than anything else.

As far as the Lions refunding the fans their money back because they lost, that is just a load of cr**. If you don't like the entertainment value stop going to the games. People pay to watch entertaining football not to put with whiners and complainers. Both teams are there to entertain. The other night was pretty darn entertaining as far as I'm concerned. If you can't appreciate quality plays made by BOTH teams it's best you find some other source of entertainment instead of trying to get a free lunch. Sure I was disappointed the Lions lost but I was also very much entertained and Hamilton deserves to be congratulated.

As far the over-rated over hyped NFL is concerned, I'll take the CFL any day of the week!

Yes it was a blown call. But, in past games (and years) we have benefited from some blown calls against other teams. I hear fans from other sports cry about poor officiating, the CFL is no different, its that human element. How many mistakes did the Lions make in the fourth quarter? 3 fumbles and two interceptions. By my score card I see the Lions beating the officials in the mistake department 5-1.

Next game......

I hate it when people like backer@empire trash the Cfl in favor of the Nfl. If you think the Nfl is better, fine. Go and don't come back.
The cfl does not exist to try to compare itself to, or compete with an institution like the Nfl. They're very different games. I would say that the production value of the Nfl is wonderful and and far superior, because there are millions of dollars at stake.
But I would rate the intensity of the two leagues about the same. We have seen some very good Cfl games this year, and I'm definitely more excited about BC at Calgary than any Nfl game this coming weekend. The Cfl is our own, and it's pretty good.

So backer, i think you are a terrible fan of your team and an even worse canadian.

And leave the refs alone. Sure they miss calls from time to time and it stings when it's your team on the wrong side of it, but they are doing the best with what they have. It's a tough, thankless job for not much money.
When the league grows and idiots like you understand how good a product is being put out there, perhaps there will be more money available to give more training to referees.

Beautifully stated!

Wow, you have serious issues! Please get some help.

I think what is upsetting and unsettling for some of us who "get it" is the unhealthy infatuation all too many Canadians have with "everything American". Americans start a program called IDOL; we follow suit. What happens? After a few seasons it dies out. Why? Because it didn't have roots here. What has lasting value is what is rooted in our own back yard - like the CFL. Fortunately there ARE enough of us around to keep the ship afloat; but wouldn't it be refreshing if more of us stopped comparing and threw our support fully behind our game? If that was possible, I honestly think it would spawn a lot more national pride in what WE do. Let's not forget what happened just a short time ago - February of last year in Vancouver.
As a nation we threw our support behind our athletes and it woke us all up like a sleeping giant. Let's not allow ourselves to be lulled back to sleep again. Let's stand up for everything Canadian!

Certainly the NFL's full-time, professional officials can also make really bad calls from time to time. But at least they are full-time employees of the NFL. They are paid handsomely for a few hours work each week, unlike the part-timers who call CFL games. And the NFL refs seldom make one call and then, brain cramp!, reverse it. This type of second-rate officiating have been the bane of the CFL ever since I was a young kid, freezing on the pine benches of Old Empire in the mid-sixties. You can bet your tintype he won't be reffing the Grey Cup after this gaff. And how can seven CFL officials get it so wrong, confusing an obvious clip with the blocking rules for screen passes? This blunder after they failed to eject Jimenez earlier for a play that will probably go down as THE most cowardly cheapshot of the season. If CFL officials can spot virtually every hold and illegal push in the back by special teams' blockers, why do they have trouble interpreting something as basic as a block in the back? Sure this sounds like sour grapes after that zebra cost us the Hamilton game. But people in the CFL have been talking about fixing the officiating since I was a boy in the mid-60s. This is an example where the head of the replay officials, in this case John Ireland, needed to intervene, a subject that has undoubtedly be raised by Buono to Tom Higgins-Head of Officiating. Look for some amendments to the CFL replay rules next year.

To be fair I think that referee who reversed his call probably feels worse about it than any aggrieved BC fan ever will, just like that MLB ump who took away a no-hitter earlier this year. We are all humans who make errors; that's why they put erasers on pencils. Refs in all major sports do make remarkably few mistakes while calling fast-paced games with players and coaches constantly harassing them verbally. But when they mess up, it might cost one team the game, as it may have done to BC recently.

Of course, that ref didn't toss two picks or put it on the ground twice in the last 17 minutes against Hamilton. Casey Printers, who had looked better in two previous wins, single handedly tipped the game to Hamilton's side. Then he sat on the sidelines moping, instead of sucking it up an acting like a pro. You never see Ricky Ray mewling when the game is going wrong or he's turning it over.

Let us hope this 'clinker' evaporates from Printers' consciousness quickly and he has a bounce back game against the Stamps. He is going to need it. And that head referee should send his game cheque to Brent Johnson and Anton Mackenzie for the worst flip flop/non-call call in years.

Dooger in Surrey. :cowboy:

Couldn't agree with you more! Jimenez should have been suspended for pulling off such a stunt.