CFL Refs are human!!

I knew about the punting one, I have never seen or heard a penalty called on contacting the kicker on a FG since the key criteria is “while the leg is in the air” Not sure how long a FG kicker will have his leg in the air…

One thing I did find in the rules is this…

Article 10 – Crowd Noise
The Team A captain may request the Referee to stop the game if excessive crowd
noise prevents Team A from putting the ball into play. The Referee may permit Team
A to return to its huddle. The Referee shall allow reasonable time but under no
circumstances shall the play be delayed more than three times


Why don’t teams use this rule to shut the 13th man up??

:lol: :lol:

The contacting the kicker rule just uses the term “kicker”, not “punter”, so it would apply to field goal kickers; however, the referee CA allow contact if that contact was as a result of trying to block the kick and is “slight and incidental” and “does not affect the play”. I don’t remember seeing the contact, so I don’t know if it was slight and incidental or not.

HTD didn't you ever see Jason Hanson long time kicker for the Detroit Lions kick FG? His kicking leg would be in the air for a solid 5 seconds after every fieldgoal or PAT......just my observation of punters and Kickers across the world :slight_smile:

Being a Niners fan… nope, never had the displeasure of watching the Lions…lol

Refs will also let that go when the kicker holds his leg up like a flamingo, then acts like hes been shot when theres minimal contact...

Don’t blame you, im the guy who only watches the NFL for the talents of the kickers and the punters and the associated physics when it comes to kicking/punting a football nothing else…

Never heard of a flamingo influencing a kicker or a punters style, will have to watch more game film of flamingos in action at various Caribbean resorts before my next coaching session!!!

so then you never watched the greatest ever running back in either league? what a loss. 8)

Frank Gore makes up for that IMO…he is a beast and a treat to watch

That’s how I saw it too. What’s the equivalent to “diving” in the CFL?


It only incites the crowd to be louder and more unruley :lol:

I didn't have time to read all the comments in this thread so if I repeat someone's.......sorry. I've found that the officiating in the CFL is very inconsistant as some penalties are called (that are borderline) and other blatant offences are let go. Two things come to mind here: firstly, did the official actually "see" the infraction, if not, it will not be called although us fans who miss nothing, will see it. (a recurring theme in this forum) Secondly, the official, in his opinion, may believe it was not an infraction withing the meaning of the applicable rule. These factors MAY be a reason why there is inconsistency.
The call on Montreal's fumble where the ruling was the recovery was not made "immediately" is the sort of thing I question. I've seen many cases in the NFL where the ball comes loose and it takes a few seconds for anyone to realize it before jumping on the ball. A loose ball is a loose ball, no time limit.

In Kent Austin's Post Game media scrum he was asked about the in-correect call on the fumble and he said he won't talk about it obviously but he will be speaking to the League and the CFL about it.

First off, and for Welder who said that this was the correct call?

On replay, the ball Montreal ball carrier lost possession of the ball before his knee or body touched the turf or playing surface, the tiger-Cat player took over possession of the ball, before the whistle blew from Andre Proux and the refs, but was still ruled Montreal football and down by touch? It was clearly not and even Duane Forde of TSN said it was a fumble and Ti-Cats ball and it clearly shows on replay after the Ti-Cat player took possession of the ball before the whistle on the field was blown meaning the play was still on-gong until stoppage was called. On closer examination this was clearly wrong so Austin made the challenge, the CFL Command Centre,reviewed the play but came back with the same call on the field which is mind blowing and totally against what the CFL Rules book states, "that the play on the field will continue until the whistle is blown stopping the play on the field" The Tiger-Cat player took over the possession of the ball prior to the play being stopped therefor it should have been Tiger-Cats ball!

In the first game against Montreal at Molson Stadium Brandon Banks was returning a kick and was horse collared out of bounds, three ref's on the spot No call, Austin was furious over that and I agree, once again the Ref's were in place to make the call but No call was made. It's BUSH LEAGUE REF'S at their finest!

Let's not blame the officials for being human and not 100% all the time. With the video reviews now underway the CFL has greatly solidified the play calling by the officials. All in all, I believe that difficult play calling comes out to be balanced between both teams.

Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but on the Burris INT, was that not an illegal block to Brandon Banks' back? I mean he was in position to make a tackle right away and Tisdale ended up getting a pick-6..

On the fumble....the whistle was blown without the knowledge of a fumble by the ref within a second of the ball coming loose. It was the judgement of the ref that the player was down by contact. And the play is dead. It was not immediately recovered and there was a mad scramble for the ball. The rule is only after review can the ball be recovered after a fumble and after a whistle if it done Immediately after the whistle...itwas not. After review it was determained that the player was not down by contact however since it was not iimmediately recovered. It would remain als ball....

I think the call was correct however I thought all weekend the refs were sh! T.

The biggest challenge our league has is we have not convinced our TV announcers that focussing attention on the ref’s and penalties is a waste of airtime. I’ve been a little league baseball umpire before. The first thing you learn is that everyone just want to play the game, or see the game played. So the ref’s job is to make the call and keep the game going. It is FIFA’s argument against instant replay. They’ve seen it slow down the game in other sports. Not that I’m a fan of FIFA’s approach but you can see their argument when you consider all the time and debate that calls like this one one, all about a play that ended up having no significant impact on the game, has generated.

I’ve taken the liberty of amending the title of this thread (the joy of having “mod” powers) to reflect that our refs, like all humans, are far from perfect but they get the job done.

We will continue to work on improving our officiating, but you heard it here first: The CFL refs will never be perfect.

There are many blown calls in the NFL and in virtually all sports. But this year in the CFL has been one of the most inconsistent I've ever seen in terms of what and how the officials are calling penalties. This needs to be addressed in the off-season by Higgins, Ireland and all the other head honchos running the league. For example there needs to be a clear distinction with what is a head shot and what is not. How about why can a ball carrier stiff arm and grab a face mask but not a defender. Issues like this need to be cleared up and the players need to be briefed also so they have a firm grasp of the rules.

Unfortunately, FIFA is run by an old boy’s club that doesn’t like change and are oblivious to newer technologies. There have been many games that have been determined by an incorrect call when the official ruled “no goal” when the replay clearly shows the ball crossing the goal line. There’s a sensor that can be placed into the ball that would clearly solve this problem but so far the FIFA brass has resisted. In the CFL a blown call can be a nuisance but doesn’t always impact the game to such a degree.

While you’ll never hear me criticize our hard-working, under-appreciated officials - I will admit improving the CFL’s Officiating is a significant League priority. :wink:

Be careful, you don’t want to get fined by the League :wink: