CFL Refs are BRUTAL!!!

After watching the great game played by both Montreal and Edmonton tonight I could not believe the bad calls or missed calls, the inconsistency of CFL Refs is just Horrible, these guys are supposed to be professional and paid well to do their jobs but Wow, talk about missed calls. Edmonton had Stamps hit out of bounds in the first quarter the very same as Whitiker for Montreal in fourth but No call against the hit on Stamps but a call on Whitiker in the fourth? Koch was hit out bounds twice No call, it's just amazing, I thought as soon as a player is hit when he out of bounds it's called but these CFL BUSH LEAGUE Refs don't believe so? Also, why wasn't the Edmonton rush to the end zone reviewed under 3 minutes, it's a league rule but it wasn't reviewed it was just let go??

I'll be watching the game very carefully when Hamilton hosts Regina on Saturday, I still counted several missed Holding calls on the front O line of Regina in the last game.

Our Refs are Just Brutal!!!

but no worse than any other refs.

I didn't see the game so I can't comment on the hits themselves, but here is the wording of the rule.

(b) Contacting an opponent Out of Bounds in an unnecessarily rough manner
So it's a judgement by the officials on how rough the hit is. And (unfortunately) any rule that involves judgement will result in inconsistent calls, if only because different officials will call it differently.

Montreal gets down to the goal line and 2 plays get reviewed… Edmonton gets down to the goal line and no booth review? All within the last 3 minutes of the game.

Agreed, a review would have given the Eskies a few seconds to re-group....brutal

If a hit is INITIATED when the ball carrier is already out of bounds it will typically be called assuming the tackler made no attempt to hold-back his momentum or otherwise avoid the tackle. If the tackle was initiated while the carrier was in-bounds, no matter how slightly, it will be a judgement call based on whether the tackler had an opportunity to let-up on the tackle once the ball carrier was out of bounds.

There is no AUTOMATIC rule for review "to" the end zone. There is an automatic review only if the ref's signal it as a scoring play.

The ref's could call holding on the line on pretty much every play if they applied the rule strictly.

Complaining about Ref's is a waste of time and CFL ref's are no more brutal than any others and certainly no more brutal at execution of THEIR game than Edmonton and Montreal teams exhibited so far this season.

All good posts, the problem with CFL referees is the inconsistency they will miss three calls with the referee standing right there than make a call under the same circumstances or by less of hit? It doesn’t make sense, if the rule is that No player can be roughed up out of bounds than call every play that happens but don’t pick and choose your calls??

In last nights game Fred Stamps was hit out of bounds and driven into the advertising sign on the sidelines, No call against the Montreal player mean while Whitikers hit in the fourth quarter by the Edmonton player was less severe and the player was flagged for it?

It’s the same with Roughing the Passer if the rule says that a defender cannot take more than two or three steps after the QB releases the football and takes a hit, it should be called consistently but we see this trend in the CFL of some calls being made and others not, it almost rewards the defender if he gets away with one that he took a solid hit on the QB?

The CFL refs must get better so the league gets better, many good positive news is happening in the CFL these days and for the future of the league, but if rules are to be enforced, enforce them and not one sided or make a call when you feel like it?

Can someone explain how they hire referees in tth CFL? It looks like it is made up of people who know people instead of a try out process.

CFL refs are just fine. Well trained hard working guys who care a lot more about this game and this league than you or I ever will.
The problem you are commenting on is twofold:

  1. The refs can't win. If they keep the flags in their pockets we complain about the calls they missed. If they toss the flag we complain they are ruining the game.
  2. The big new problem is digital TV. Us average fans get to review every play in hi def from multiple camera angles and sometimes in slow motion. The refs have to make their calls instantly without benefit of replay or slow motion, and from a single angle.

Just tune them out. Their "mistakes" even out over the course of a game. Focus on what counts - the great plays by talented athletes and well-coached teams.

A team should not be relying of referees to help them win a game. The refs will always make mistakes. Win outright and you won’t have to worry about the refs.

The replay official blew the call on the last play of the game
The EDM ball carrier ended up in the endzone after contact, it was very close with 15sec. left on the clock.
Undeniably reviewable.
Edmonton got jobbed and the Al's got a gift win given to them!

Here is the video rule in the last 3 min.

[b]For the final three minutes of regulation time and for the entire overtime period, the Replay Official will be on the phone with the Supervisor at the stadium. At that point, all challenges will be initiated by the CFL. If the Replay Official sees a play he wants to review, he will tell the Supervisor to page the on-field Referee.

Once the Referee feels his pager alerting him, he will blow his whistle and announce that the play is under review. He will then go to the sideline, put on the headset and speak with the Replay Official at the CFL office. Once he gets the correct ruling, he will return to the field and make the announcement. The Replay Official at the CFL office will remain on the line with the Supervisor until the conclusion of the game.[/b]

The only good things about this is that Hawkins can keep his coaching job still(this helps us, he sucks)
and it keep EDM from the crossover

In this case, the Replay Official must not have considered the play close enough to request a review. Maybe he quickly switched to a different angle - or was maybe already watching another angle, the one along the goal line - and immediately saw that the ball didn't cross the line, so didn't call for a review.

I absolutely agree.

It's so easy--way too easy-- to criticize the refs and blame them for losses. Some people go on from that to declaring that the officials don't like the Ticats, are biased against Hamilton, always favour the other team, especially the Argos or the Als. I think this stuff is baloney.

I'm with you Bob, I think the officials are fine too. They do a difficult job in complicated circumstances, get little credit for their work but all kinds of abuse.

Hey, I know the refs have a real tough job.
I watched this unfold and it just wasn't right!
One Min. earlier at the other end, Montreal had two video reviews called by the same replay official that were no brainers.
On this particular play it was very much reviewable, the Edm. player landed on the goal line and with the clock ticking down,
fifteen seconds left and counting, the replay official should have paged the Ref and had the clock stopped for a review.
IMHO a mistake was made by the replay official.
If a coach cannot call for a video review in the last 3 mnutes, then it is the responsibility of the video official to call it.

The CFL has the quality of refereeing that befits the league. Here you have one of the prominent owners stating that the referees are "just fine" so why would anyone expect the league to take any steps to try to improve the quality and consistency of mediocre officiating? Just "tune them out" because, if we're really lucky, they'll spread enough bad calls around so that both teams get screwed equally!

I don't agree with this at all, the officiating is below fine and I defiantly don't think they care more about the CFL than most people on here.

As for the replay I have no clue how they didn't take a look at it and I will say that cost the Esks a win.

Just to play devil's advocate here. If a referee misses a call and he realizes after the fact that he did. What would you like him to do the next time the play comes up. Make the call or not make the call? As a hockey ref I can tell you I miss stuff, I do it's just part of the game. I never make a "make up" call and I always just try to call plays as I see them.

A good ref will try to consistently make the call as correctly as he sees it. I hope they don't make "make up" calls and I hope they aim for a consistent and objective call every time.

Nobody's perfect though and I'll be the first to admit while watching a game I will yell at the TV "geez he was 5 yards offside" or "c'mon where's the holding" and likely it's my Ti-Cat colored glasses i'm watching the game through.

Best post you've ever made on this forum :thup:

Since the CFL is ultimately an entertainment business, the league needs ensure that officials don't erode fan confidence in the legitimacy of the contests. The Replay Official knows, or OUGHT to know that a play like the goal-line play at the end of the Edmonton/Montreal game will be perceived as contentious by the fans. Even if they are confident that they have the right call, on such a crucial play they owe it to the credibility of the league to take a second look, and to communicate to the fans that they are taking a second look. It's not as if the mechanism for doing so isn't already in place. At worst, the Replay Official's decision not to review may have been an intentional manipulation of the outcome of the game; at best, the Replay Official damaged fan confidence in the league by failing to take action which would have demonstrated to the fans that the league cares about getting such a crucial call right.

I'll second that.

IF there is truly a desire and need for better Ref's then the CFL needs to pay for full-time professionals that can spend way more time improving their craft. I'm not sure why anyone aspires to be any sports official given the abuse it generally entails and the enormous amount of time it takes, mostly unpaid or poorly paid, to get to the upper-echelons of the trade.