CFL refs are better than NFL refs now ----

Get over the trashing of the CFL because of refs. The NFL is getting its worst PR nightmare in decades with refs today. Players are calling out the commish and refs openly not caring about fines.

Yesterday the Patriots lost the game due to a blown call late in the game cause of the refs.

The CFL Grey Cup refs were almost perfect.

So its time to call it as it is. All refs make mistakes. The CFL needs to fix one big problem with refs calling penalties that they think they saw but never happened.

The NFL has a serious issue with their refs. CFL not so bad.

They also said our refs were right 92% of the time. That means every 100 calls they are wrong 8 times.

Prove it! I call BS on that number. 92%? That was pulled straight from his ***. Not saying it was higher or lower just that 92% for officials is not a number to be proud of and leagues generally don't keep stats on their officials so where would he come up with 92%?

Every time I hear this commissioner speak about the league I have less and less confidence he knows what he's doing.

I nominate dcmoses for commissioner :rockin:

I accept.

Death to video review and a Rouge in every house!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: