CFL Reffing worst in any Pro Sport League?

I’ve noticed over the last couple years that the reffing in the CFL compared to all other professional sports leagues around the world, seems to seriously be lacking.

I’m not saying this out of spite of a loss for any particular team due in part to a bad call but simply because I believe it is a huge constraint on the success of the CFL. I’ve seen consistant bad calls in every game on behalf of both teams and it needs to stop. How many times have you seen what was a blatant penalty go uncalled? Or seen a ref across the other side of the field make a call which was in plain site of the ref on that side of the field? The list could go on…

For Example, In last year’s Grey Cup game, when Montreal recovers a fumble which would have EASILY been recovered for a touchdown the ref’s blow the play down ruling incomplete pass (Correct me if I’m wrong about this) but then after reviewing the play, they rule it as a fumble. That could have easily flipped the game around, as Montreal would have been within 5 points, I believe of catching BC (Again correct me if I’m wrong on the exact point difference provided they got the touchdown and convert on the fumble). If a call such as this was made in the Superbowl, I can only imagine the amount of headlines that it would have received.

This is only one example of the many bad calls I’ve watched the refs in the CFL make over and over again. Yes, I realize they’re human beings and they’re going to make mistakes, BUT there’s no question that the CFL needs to really focus on this department.

Please voice your opinion on this matter, as Id love to know if everyone else feels as strongly about this issue as me.

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Reffing needs work but I've seen the same mistakes made in the NFL.

Every fan in every league thinks their refs are the worse. You would have to show me a scientific study before I would believe that the CFL refs were inferior to their NFL counterparts.
It is a truism that on every play in a football game there is at least one penalty rule infraction. I wouldn't want every penalty called. If I wanted to watch officials call penalties all the time I would turn on an NHL game.
I imagine I'm in the minority when I say I am sick of video reviews. It takes so much momentum out of the game. Often it bares out the Refs original call and other times there is still dispute about the call even after the video review.

Ever watch European soccer? Then you'll see some bad reffing. They fall for dives every 35 seconds and the linesmen get offsides wrong several times per game.

And in Italy the refs were bribed into letting certain teams win. And in the NBA there was the ref who was betting on games he was reffing.

You're always going to get bad calls, but for the most part I think it evens out for both teams.

I've never seen the CFL botch a coin flip, like the NFL once did.

hehehe. I had forgotten that one. What a classic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure all officiating is subjective and we can be over critical at times.
Just like we tend to be with the poor guys in the CFL. Who in my opinion do by en large a great job under very tough circumstances.
Having said that, for me the worst refs by far and away is in the NHL.

awwww, did your team lose tonight??? :twisted:

Assuming he feels allegiance to the same city, then no, his team won

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CFL officials are guys who work part time out of the love of the game and, let's face it, without whom the game could not be played. When I hear a player ripping officials I have to think that the guy would rather not play the game and collect a paycheck. Yeah we can complain about bad calls, but there are very few of us who can claim to make no mistakes while on the job.