CFL reffing. It is what it is.

Let me be the first Rider fan accused of whining, but it makes me feel better and it is what it is. How different would the game be if the clipping on the Howel td had been called, the Burris fumble had been called, the Thurmon fumble had not been overruled (there was no evidence unless they had a view the tv did not provide).

Go ahead. Attack.

Referees make mistakes, and they miss calls. The bigger story here is the fact that Rider offence cant move the ball and that is why they are down 21-5. The offence and special teams are killing the Riders--not the officiating.

The Burris fumble should have been a fumble. I didn't pay close enough attention to the Howel TD to notice any clipping. And for the Thurmon fumble, it looked to me like he was clearly down.

Think how different it would be if they scored some points as well!

How was there no evidance of the Thurman fumbel? It was clear as day his knee was down.

So how come the Riders won?

CFL reffing is no worse than reffing in other leagues …

The Thurmon “fumble” wasn’t - his knee was definitely down.

Don’t know the other fumbles you’re talking about. Anyway, you’re the ones that ripped off a 25-0 run.

Yes Thurmon was down, any idiot can conclude that. But if you watch replays, can you ever see his knee down? You can't assume things. Just like in every other sport, you NEED conclusive evidence, which there was none of.

You won and you still whine.....ok then what did you
think of the fumble when Scott Schultz ripped
it out of Burris hands??? looked to me like Nate Davis was
offside on the play.

Bad calls go both ways, who cares.

I thought the reffing was pretty fair. A few bad calls went either way.

The CBC guys showed it on replay after the return, i mean the clipping.

does it really matter what happened in th game, the riders won and now they can go through this week doing some tweaking on offence and special teams

This all depends on what "conclusive" is... Sure they couldn't 'actually' see the knee on the ground but looking at his shin & body of the player while using a little intuition it was pretty damn obvious he was down. What I don't get is why it was spotted at the 2 instead of the 1 where the ball actually was?

So, in hockey the puck can be in the goalie's glove and the glove all the way into the net, but unless you can see the puck then it's not conclusive.

Same thing here, you CANNOT see his knee, thus you cannot assume that it is touching the turf and thus it is NOT conclusive.

Just to clarify, I agree Thurman was down, but you don't get to use "intuition" to overturn a play on the field. As for the spot, you don't get both the knee down, and the place where the ball was when he "fumbled" Take your pick. I think you'll accept the 2 yard line.

Now, down the list.
Burris likely fumbled; Danny should have challenged, but did not.
Nate was clearly offside, but I can only assume that was payback for the play previous where Sask was clearly NOT offside. Even up.

The Howell play may, or may not have been a clip--but Luca needs to get some hang time before you will see me complain about that one.

At the end of the day, the refs were awesomely mediocre, so neither team can gripe too much.

Notice replay was not a factor in either game today, and the games had both pace and high entertainment qualities!

I guess in the CFL logical conclusions are permitted and that is why they ruled the knee went down and it wasn't a fumble

In the NHL if that had been an issue of whether it was a goal or not, it would have been inconclusive because you have to visually see it. Not just being able to conclude that the knee had to touch, even though an arm was in the way.

I don't mind the way they do the ruling in the CFL as long as they are consistent and always use logic evenly on calls like that

The refs were not the main factor in the game , the RIDER FANS WERE THE DIFFERENCE. Imagine, in your home park being out cheered by the visiting fans. How discouraging is that. I think that finished the Stamps after momentum switched after the long run by Keith on the first play from scrimmage in the 2nd half!! The Rider fans never stopped hollering after that.
Rider Pride Nation Wide

That was definatly and even up call. I think it was Fred Perry that clearly got back onside before the snap of the ball a few plays earlier, and Nate definatly didn't get back in time on the fumble play.

Too funny the cry win they lose and they cry when they win it looks good on you Whiner Pride! keep whining! For the good Rider fans out there you should be embarassed by these whiners right on this thread!

LMAO!!! We had to endure thread after thread of Stamps fans crying about officiating this year. Boo-hoo. Then after the game yesterday Abdullah is crying about the refs too. I guess whining rubs off on the players. :lol:

Give me a break!
After the incessant whining and complaining Stamps fans made over a good call in the TO/Calgary game, I don't think there is much credibility in calling others "whiners".

Pointing out that there were glaring errors in the officiating is fair game, especially when you realize that supposedly, the two crews that worked the games are the very best of the officials this year.
Surely as the "best" they should at least be able to call offside correctly....