CFL reffing is awful

Again the refs turned the Bomber - Eskie game into a joke. I don't think there was one kick return last night that wasn't flagged.

Something needs to be done. let the players play football, not the refs.

In Edmontons defence, that last play to Milt almost seemed like the eskie defenders were scared to make a play. They thought they might get called for a pass Int.


That is because seconds before the play began Macciocia started yelling to make sure players knew to not take an interference call. Nothing like making your players nervous as the play is starting just to throw them off a bit. Good call coach. As a non-EDM/WINN fan I must say very entertaining, but there have to be at least a couple fans from each team that suffered mild heart attacks with the way that game ended.

Go Riders!!

the refs are not the problem for the return penalties... rule changes are.

Anyone like some cheese with their whine?

This thread will not die! But blackdale is correct! And he is not whining! :lol: You will never see blackdale whine! He leaves that to others to do that!

My shot wasn't at blackdale. It was at a few of the others.

Ah good one sporty! Yes and you too are correct! But watch out they will hate lions for it! :lol:

what kind of rule changes?