CFL Referees

Without a doubt the worst group of officials in any professional sport. They make baseball umpires look good.
I'm not whining about the loss, our D is horrible again this year. I know they have a buffer zone, but our receivers were offside almost every play. If a receiver stumbles a flag will come out even if he wasn't touched, or you can grab a handful of jersey and not get called. Who knows? They were down one official most of the game so there weren't as many horrible calls. Maybe they are mandated to make a certain number of calls per game!

Wrong. They are no worse than any other pro sport/league. However, if it makes you feel better to whine and whimper about them, dont forget your lollypop.

A few bad calls each way. Missed the facemasking by Breaux on Owens in the first, and the grounding by Ray (landed four yards short of the line of scrimmage). And the PI calls were as inconsistent as ever. But worse than any other league in any sport? I'd have to disagree.

And the offside calls were actually pretty good, as usual. Only one that I thought they missed - I'll have to watch the game again and slow-motion it to see for sure.

There might be a bias for Toronto. It seems that over the last couple of years there has been many questionable PI calls go in their favour.

Although there are brutal missed calls in every sports league.


Exactly. The refs do not have the advantage of watching the game in slow motion. Plays often look offside on TV because of the angle of the camera. Also, focus on the ball leaving the ground as it is snapped and not on when it hits the QB hands. It is only a split second, but makes a lot of plays look offside.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :roll: Yes, let’s blame the refs again :roll:

Gee I wonder if any Cat fans watched the same game I did last night between the Argos and Cats? I counted several bad calls against the Tiger-Cats, just look at the video our DB's that were called for interference were further away from the receiver than the Argo Defender who had a hold of Andy Fantuz's Jersey in the end zone on the last play of the game, but we get called and the Argo's get away with No call? NO doubt the worst refs anywhere in sports in the CFL and if some Cat fans disagree well I wonder if you are really Cat fans or not?? Yah just take the high road lets support everything and complain in life maybe we'll get penalized because of it, BUNCH of....!!!

Coming back on the bus last night all heard was "the refs this the refs that".
How about talking about the great game last night instead.
How about talking about some of the holes that the Argos opened up in our D line to stroll through?
How about that great return in the first quarter?
How about the play of Fantuz last night?
Hey and the Argos made some great defensive plays too!
It really makes me ill when I here all the poor losers blame a loss on the officials.
The team wins or we loses on it`s own merit.
Calls balance out.
So suck it up.

Coming back on the bus last night

Agreed with the more positive comments.

Can I say that that was one of the most solidly played offensive football games I’ve ever seen? No turnovers either way, big plays, great execution. Aside from a few drops and a couple defensive gaffes by each team, that was an absolute pleasure to watch.

Too bad the good guys didn’t come out on top…

Here’s to what should hopefully be a great season!

calls might balance out, but infractions necessarily don't.

The argos got 40 yards and a fresh set of downs on an uncatchable ball. Fantuz, while not getting mugged, gets interfered with and gets no call.

On the Argo's first drive, we get a great impression of the NFL replacement refs from the GreenBay - Minnesota game last year with one ref calling TD and another waving off the catch and shaking his head...

normally i'm not one to complain about this on a public forum, but holy hell what do we gotta do to get a call against last year's most penalized team???

Refs were fine.

Wanna blame soemone? How about Hinds and Gable.

Either makes those easy catches, chances are TiCats win that game.

The refs were fine, they are perfect, No bias, Cats lost game, same old, same old... no change from last year great offense NO defense just cat fans who think they are brilliant and love CFL refs??

We had a chance at the end and unfortunately Gable dropped the ball however, the refs did not do us any favours.

We had a phantom PI against us and a missed PI call on the final play of the game. We also were unlucky on the blew teams final TD as no angle existed to confirm the receiver was in bounds (can't blame that on the refs).

We also cannot blame the refs for the fact we only scored 3 points in the second half. All in all, a good game with some promise. Hopefully we can build on this and win more than lose this year.

I guess we can`t blame the refs that we hit the uprights on a field goal attempt in the first half either. Maybe someone can find a way.

Did I say the refs were perfect don`t think so. I said stop your belly aching! Constantly blaming the refs sounds like a broken record.
Did they cost us the game. Nooooooooooooo! what if, what if what if!

I don't think anyone is complaining about hitting the uprights, the kicker at least has some control of that, the officials made a few mistakes tonight, no argument there, I think you'll get some Argo fans admitting that. The problem with Friday's game and the "TSN turning point" was the pass interference call that wasn't catchable, that mistake gave the Argos 40 yards and a new set of downs that ultimately lead to a touchdown and was the difference in the game. That mistake couldn't be prevented by the Ticats, it was a mistake by the officials, hopefully the Ticats will get a favourable call later in the season. Unfortunately the Ticats seem to get those calls where they're already killing the team or getting killed, so the call isn't a game breaker, but Friday's mistake cost them the game.

Not sure why that play would have been the turning point in the game. The following two plays were for one yard and then four yards, and they ended up punting (the one Lamar fumbled).

While rewatching the game looking for this play - pretty sure it was uncatchable, but it was close - I noticed that we got away with interference on the previous play, the pass to Owens that was challenged. Knowlton grabbed Owens’s shoulder well before the ball arrived, causing him to have to try to catch the ball one-handed, which is probably why he ended up losing it when he hit the ground. Maybe the PI on the overthrow was a make-up call?

Personally, I think the turning point in the game was Gable’s drop. If he had caught it, we win. Drop it, well…

It was the turning point because the Argos were going 2 and out, but the pass interference call kept the drive alive and gave them 40 unearned yards that lead to a touchdown and they only won by 5 points, so this among many was the difference, but this play was the beginning of the downfall so that's why it's the TSN turning point.

But they didn't score on that drive. Unless you mean that it moved them 34 yard (29 yards for the penalty plus 5 yards on the next two plays) up field, so after the Ticats's next drive, they were that much further upfield starting their next dive. A bit of a stretch, but I can sort of see your point.

I still think Gable's drop had a much more significant effect on the outcome of the game.

This one isn't on the officials exactly, although the off-field officials should have (and may have) said something, but during the challenge on the Owens non-catch / non-fumble, the stadium was showing the replay to the crowd. I'm pretty sure that is strictly forbidden in the rules - not really sure why, as I can't see it affecting the video review officials. Maybe to prevent irate fans from throwing things at the on-field officials when the call goes against what they think they saw?