:twisted: After watching the Tigercats lose to the BC Lions I wish to thank the Refs screw up another game.Near the end of the game instead of calling the Lions for forward pass interferance they call Hamilton on defensive pass interferance and gave the game to the Lions.Only a home team closet cheerleader

would throw a flag at that point.So to the refs you sucked last year and you suck this year and that is why I won't buy a ticket to a game because you idiots will find a way to depress fans like me.

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out

The dooor won't hit my ass, if I want fake sports I can watch the WWE.And remember the Refs won't won't bail your ass out all the time ,I can't wait till you and the Lions get a kick in the ass!

You may be waiting a while, I wouldn't hold your breath. 2006 Grey Cup Champs and 4-0 this season.

Nah, someone isjust pissed because their team of choice lost. Sh!t happens, with it.

Be nice people.

Seriously... the Cats should have won but they didn't. Don't blame the refs, the Cats had 60 minutes to win the game.

As for the Lions...

Just wait til week 7.
It's all going to come crashing down! :smiley:

I think the CFL refs make it up as they go!

Ticats GM asking for American Referees...


CFL should recruit American referees, says Ticat GM

Ken Peters
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 25, 2007)

The Canadian Football League should consider recruiting Americans to improve its officiating says Hamilton Tiger-Cat GM Marcel Desjardins.

"I think it is absolutely something they need to look at," said Desjardins, who has watched his 0-4 team become the most penalized in the league.

The Hamilton GM has been on the phone weekly to the league office complaining his team has been flagged 52 times for 514 yards in its first four games. Both are league highs.

While he won't comment directly on the quality of refereeing his club is receiving, the Cat GM admits he isn't happy with the number and type of calls that are going against his team.

The Cat GM acknowledges the league has spent a lot of money to develop Canadian referees.

"But until that talent pool is deep enough to be able to bring those guys to the CFL level, I think it is something we at least have to look at. I'm not saying it has to be done, but we at least have to look at it to see if it is feasible and if it can make our product better. At the end of the day that's what matters."

Desjardins notes that when the CFL opted to expand to the U.S. back in the mid-1990s, American officials were hired. And he suggested by opening up CFL officiating jobs to applicants south of the border the league could take advantage of a huge talent pool, including those who have refereed at the U.S. college level.

While CFL bylaws don't rule out Americans, spokesman Jamie Dykstra said the league focuses on this side of the border. Kevin McDonald, the league's director of football operations and development, responded to Desjardins in a statement.

"We would welcome any qualified individuals who wish to be a part of our game. We are extremely confident in the quality level of our officiating staff and the comprehensive recruitment, training and development programs we have in place."

I disagree %2000!
The referees are not full time employees.
My dad works with one and they devote their free time to the CFL.

Pay them a professional salary and you will get professional referees!

The Refs get PAID for all their work.....

And how does paying them " professional salaries" make them anymore professional.

Is it in the name. Why not just call them pros and then they will make all the right calls. And we still save money.

Thats cool!

Better increase ticket prices to cover the Refs being flown up from the states. :roll: :roll:

Guess what? Mistakes are going to be made. Yes the Lions got a break last week. But things even out over the season. I can think of a few times the Lions got the short end of the stick.

Guess what. Its going to happen to every team! Besides look at the mistakes the NFL Refs made (Superbowl with Seattle a few years ago)each week. They arn't perfect either.

Cheddar cheese with your whine?

The Lions have been screwed many times over the years, just like every other team. I'd rather have a missed call that effects the outcome of one game than a missed call that knocks my starting QB out for an indefinite amount of time.

Why isn't the CFL using technology to their advantage?

We have all these tv cameras covering the play from different angles, why not use them to improve the officiating?

I suggested this on the discussion at and I'll suggest it here as well.

Have an off-field official watch the game in front of several tv's.

If he sees a blown call, let him radio an on-field official to over-rule the call.

This would work better than the review challenge.

The league has already admitted that mistakes have been made regarding the review challenge.

Anybody who thinks American refs don't make similar mistakes is just deluding themselves.

A) He would have been knocked out regardless as to whether or not the refs caught it!
B) The league has ruled........give it a rest!

Just my opinion... The games are long enough already. We already have replay for possession type calls. Now you want to question judgement? I don't want to be at a game for 4 hour now.

Forget going to a game. Lets just play Madden 07 where everything is perfect. All passes are caught, a touchdown is scored on every play, and no Referees to screw up the game. :roll: :roll: :roll:

This wouldn't increase game time the way the review challenge does.

With the review challenge, you have a coach making a challenge, then you have the refs conferring, deciding whether or not the call can be challenged. Then, you have an on-field official making his way to a tv monitor, to review everything from every angle. This is time consuming.

By contrast, having an official already there in front of several tv monitors, he needs only to radio the head on-field official and tell him what he saw. The on-field official still has the final say.

Also, the off-field official can call a penalty the same way an onfield official can, and once again, radio his call to the head on-field official in the same speed that an on-field official would.

I don't see a down-side to this at all.

No matter how you change the system, the bottom line is it will always be a judgement call

Why not put all seven of them in the press box with 7 TV screens. :roll: :roll:

Better yet, how about putting Chris Walby and Glen Suitor on the microphones to the officials. :roll: :roll:

Sorry, I wont be jumping on this band wagon......

Look, it's 2007 already.

The CFL officiating is as inconsistent today as it was 20 years ago.

Something has to be done.

I don't know why you resist technology as an aid.