American football and soccer have done this already for years to have a retired or current referee available to be on air to explain calls.

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Do you really want the CFL to tell TSN to not criticize the league or it’s officials? That is something Putin does with the Russian media. I don’t think a league should ever tell a network to not criticize

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Are you afraid that someone who actually KNOWS the rules might contradict you?

I believe thet TSN’s coverage is so bad they need to keep certain opinions out of their product. As I said earlier, many “fans” have no trouble keeping the weeping and wailing going without a cheerleader in the booth to set them off.

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Sarcasm. Thus the smiley face.

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The problem is everyone is fine with the refs just letting play when it benefits their team

Everyone wants the rules applied correctly when there team hasn’t benefited

Me - I don’t care…… pick a standard and stick to it equally , the same each and every time


Sure, let the offensive line do a WWF take-down on every play because you don’t want holding to be called.

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Andre Proulx is probably not as fluent in ENGLISH as you might like, but considering that he is working in his second language, I don’t think he’s doing so bad. Try describing a game to yourself in YOUR second language while it’s being played and see how well you do. Just because he doesn’t speak perfect North American English does NOT mean that he is not competent.


It’s the same with NFL officials. Officiating is a side job for them. They all have primary employment elsewhere.

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and they all do the same quality of Job


On many other subjects I would never say this, but on this topic, what’s good for the NFL should be good for the CFL.

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Had nothing to do with his English as a second language and everything to do with ANY official not being cut out for TV. The majority of the time they struggle to explain what actually happened or what the call is as it is today.

I didn’t once question his competency and certainly wasn’t taking shots at his English.

I’m aware he’s one of the better officials and insert any current or former one and the result is the same.

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The NFL refs are paid an average of $205k a year US, so I don’t think many have side jobs.

But I think the NFL has decided their refs need to lighten up and let the players play, they allow hand fighting and holding can be more generous. All you have to do is check out the stats and compare the penalties with the CFL. The CFL leads the penalty yardage by a long shot.
I think the problem is that the CFL refs have been told to watch everything and call everything but we know they can’t have eyes everywhere.
They are even talking about more camera calls!!
They are killing the game.


NFL refs definitely have side jobs. Easy google search.

But I do agree the CFL refs lack a feel for the game. Sometimes you just don’t have to call it. They treat every play in a vaccuum and don’t allow the game to develop a flow. Illegal Contact on a running play the other night that the command centre had to pick up.


And it kept Hamilton winless GC streak

From what I’ve seen the #1 culprit for this is Andre Proulx; any objections? It’s to the point where if he’s working he slows play.


In the NFL? Absolutely not. Established NFL officials do not need secondary jobs. They are very well compensated.

It’s the CFL ones that need secondary employment.
The league could do something to address the issue, but have so far refused.

They definitely have other jobs.


I agree, just speaking of the Hamilton Ottawa game, 1st) Three time count penalties ( 2 on punts, unheard of? ) the second one the ball was definitely snapped Before the whistle!! I had a perfect Angele from my seat on that stupid call! 2nd) The command center blew the incomplete call on a Hamilton touchdown ! ( If the receiver and the defender have their hands on the ball it is a complete pass for the offence, the receivers foot was down 2 yards from the out of bounds line!! 3rd) at least two times Ottawa players punched a Hamilton player and it was not called ( both should have been game ejection, including the correct call on a Hamilton player later in the game , should have been an ejection! So yes first stop the flag party and second get the calls correct even if it means studying the RULEBOOK !


The second article you posted identified average salary to be $205,000 and going up in the next CBA. Not sure why someone would need a second job if you get paid that amount.