CFL Referees are pathetic!

Gotta love those Phantom calls!

15 yard roughing the passer penalty given to the Stampeders on a routine sack. There is no excuse for a horrible call like that. Especially since it kept the drive alive and BC ended up scoring.

I think the CFL has a conspiracy to try to ensure that Toronto (example: allowing the Argos to sign whomever they want and then changing the rule the next season) and BC suceedes while Hamilton stays in the cellar!

scripted enertainment

There's no other explaination!

That call was HORRIBLE. The TSN guys were trying to be politically correct by saying "the ref may have thought that he took a swing at Pierce". F-That. This guy is a "professional" (I use that term loosely) referee! There is no excuse for that call! I hope that Officials are held accountable for their work!

Too many calls like this happen on a regular basis!

Nobody likes refs in any league. Football, hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball...and the list goes on.

As for the weak calls on roughing the passer, well, we could allow the QBs to continue to get hurt, but what good does that do the teams or the league? Remember when the Cats had to bring in the likes of Bankhead and Dicken when Danny Mac got hurt a few years back? It ruins the game, you need to keep the starting QBs healthy.

It’s obvious that you didn’t see the play that I’m talking about.

He wrapped up Pierce around the legs, tackled him, then stood up.

Everyone has a dislike for refs… but the CFL’s officiating is awful.

can't tackle the QB!

All the guy did was get up after bringing Pierce down and brought his arm into a fist pump horizontally over the fallen Pierce's head. NO CONTACT MADE...BUT IT DREW A FLAG!!

I could see if it were a taunt, but the guy was clearly celebrating his play, not interacting with Pierce in any way.

If a guy wanted to clock a fallen QB, it's not that difficult. LOL

Truly sad.

Oski Wee Wee,

I heard that next year they're going to be even STRICTER on contact with the QB's. No longer will you be able to tackle (or even tough them). Instead you'll have to throw rose pedals at the QB.

bc is upset it's not going according to the script. calgary got a TD