CFL Refereeing

Got you to look. :wink:

Actual topic is: Like you I'm a little over-excited about the game tomorrow. Any tips on non-medicinal sleep aids? Hot milk? Counting sheep?

Watching a video of Argos' season highlights should put you to sleep. :slight_smile:

Is alcohol considered "medicine"?

Replay of an NFL game, It will help you retire for the evening Bob :slight_smile:

Been thinking the same thing. I'm at work until 2, then beer!

I wonder how the players sleep before such a huge game?

Just go back and read as many posts of mine you can. Most of them even put me to sleep :o so me thinks that should do the trick.

A small whiskey, then I get a bit too warm some blankets and just drift off to sleep.

Brilliant thread Bob.

I thought at first "OMG.... what the heck is he doing??!! This is gonna kill us"

Better than April fool's..... :rockin: :thup:

Hope you got some sleep.

I was going to suggest melatonin, but I fell asleep...

Well, perhaps we should have been able to sleep more easily knowing what this team can do.

And I'm sure that thread title did get attention. It may have made some wonder if this would be another "$10 000 post" from our caretaker. And is it true that there may be crowdfunding effort underway so that he could get that $10k back? :slight_smile:

Caretaker, you should sleep well tonight!
When you wake up tomorrow, pack light for VANCOUVER!!!!