CFL referee that got fired 3 years ago..?

Alright, I live in Kingston, Ontario.

There's a city football league here, and well today during a game we had a Ref that I found out after the game used to ref in the CFL during either the 2003 or 2004 season.

Anyways, he got fired because he made one of the WORST calls ever imagineable in an Argonaut playoff game. It was a fumble along the sidelines? I don't know what exactly happened.. but anyways.

He lives where I live, in Kingston. Rather mid-height guy with black hair and a kind of italian look to him..

Anyone ever remember that game? Remember this guy? Or remember the story?

Please post.

I don't but if it is him please let him live it down. That call will probably haunt him for the rest of his life. Don't punish him again for it.

Lol, I was just curious.
'Cause today one of my assistant coaches was like "how much time ref" then he's like "TIMEOUT, GOLD" then we went crazy.. then that's when I got told "the story".

So I was just wondering..

I believe that was the East Final a few years back between the Argos and Als. If I remember correctly, Calvillo clearly fumbled before he crossed the goal line on a TD run. However the ref gave him the TD, which turned out to be the winning TD. Otherwise, didnt Toronto have the game won? Someone should confirm this...

Jman your Edmonton Joke is hillarious

First of all, it was clearly a touchdown and not a fumble!
Second that TD happened between the hash marks and not the sidelines
Third I have never heard of a ref being fired over "A" bad call and if there had been one, I doubt it would have been over a bang bang play such as the 2003 Eastern Final touchdown

It was a fumble, ro, but I agree with you on the rest.
Refs make mistakes. Its part of the game.
So unless he graded poorly overall, no way he gets fired for one mistake, no matter how important it seems.

Besides, I thought the WORST call in an Argo play-off game was the Leon McQuay "fumble"......

I hate to change the topic but in my opinion the worst fumble call was the 96 or 97 Grey Cup in the snow Flutie fumble.

That was the one where 3 and inches Flutie tries a sneak for a first down. He fumbles the ball and it was recovered by the opposing team. The refs called it down by contact(Fluite was standing straight up at the time). The Argos then went on to score the game winng TD!

A.C. didnt fumble! :lol:

I agree! :lol:

Back on topic now.

That play in the Eastern Final was a prime example as to why the Canadian Football League needed video reviews. Had it been around back then, the play would have been reversed and more than likely lead to an Argo victory. Because it happened so quickly though I wouldn't blame it on the ref and I can't see why he would be fired over such a difficult play to call.

Be thankful ro, your team dodged a bullet when the ref made that call :wink:

If there was video replay it would have shown that it was not a fumble!

Seriously though. I remember them showing the replay over and over, frame by frame and even with video replay they could not claim irrefutable evidence to overturn it. I honestly don't think it was fumble though......Real close but not a fumble!

haha thanks

actually, jeremaine copeland was the first to pick the ball up when ac crossed the even if it were a fumble, the als still got the td

Doesnt work like that. When the ref signals TD, the play is dead. TO's players could have quit when the whistle blew. So your arguement doesnt work.

No idea who that ref could be.

I remember watching that AC fumble/touchdown in slow-motion pretty closely, and it was impossible to tell whether he fumbled it before or after crossing the line. There definitely was not conclusive evidence that he fumbled before the ball broke the plane. And since the call on the field was a TD, it would have stood.

Personally, I think video review wording should be changed from "conclusive evidence" to "beyond a reasonable doubt". I admit I'm mostly thinking of the NHL when I say this - there have been a few cases where you can't see that the puck is in the net, but you just know it must be in there, beyond any reasonable doubt at least.

Even so, I'd say there exists reasonable doubt that AC fumbled before the ball broke the plane.

This is wayyy off topic, but I wonder if the guy who started the thread and asked us to post has even read this since he posted last. lol