CFL REF Kim Murphy retires

He was also a Fireman in Hamilton

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The "s"Murph is retiring??? All Ottawa fans are rejoicing. Our section used to make bets on how many points him and his crew would cost the REDBLACKS. The over/under was usually 7 points. :wink:

So why do people always blame the ref? He called very litte of the penalties and only announces them. I do admit that you at least blamed his crew. But with that said. Do we know for sure that a ref has the same people in his crew week after week?

Some are always looking to blame others.

I think he did a fine job, and I thank him for his service to the league.

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I always thought it was Toronto fans.

Good luck Kim. Best of luck in retirement

Dude cost Stamps first place last year

I think it would be cool if Kim Murphy did a couple of games in the booth for TSN to comment on some of the close calls that happen every game,
kind of like how retired NFL ref Mike Pereira does for the NFL

Great read here on Murphy

I used to complain about Murphy back in the day but as the years went on I found his crew to be one of the more competent ones.

Good luck and health to Kim in his retirement.