....according to tsn's Dave Naylor one of the refs in that Mont/Wpg. debacle has been fired...Nothing confirmed as yet but should be soon :roll:

I'll wager it was the culprit reponsible for the Laybourn/Carr fiasco....

It was the worst call of the year....decade maybe...

....exactly ...Rick Berezowski was the man who blew numerous calls in that game...The Carr/ pi call against the Als. in particular...AND i would venture to say a few more in that sham :thdn:..Nice to see Higgins backing-up his talk.. :thup:
Can we replay this one with a real ref. :roll: :lol:

Sources have told TSN that the CFL has dismissed side judge Rick Berezowski, the ref who made the pass interference call on Montreal Alouettes rookie cornerback Greg Laybourn late in Friday's game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Laybourn was defending in the end zone against Blue Bombers receiver Greg Carr when replays showed Carr putting his arms around Laybourn. The play drew an interference call, which easily could have been called on the offense.

Berezowski, a native of Rosetown, SK., has worked partial seasons in the CFL for many years before he was added to the full time ranks in 2009. He worked the 2004 Vanier Cup and also officiated the Mitchell Bowl and several Canada West conference title games.

Never happy to hear someone has lost their job, but something had to be done in this case. This wasn't just a blown call, this was one of the most spectacularly blown calls I've ever seen. The officiating in that game as a whole was poor, I wonder how many were caused by this one person.

Maybe he was mad at Montreal for beating Sask the last couple Grey Cups and trying to get back at them :lol:

....yeah...that;s why he flagged the Bombers Suber earlier which resulted in a Mont. td....Phantom p.i. call if ever there was one...I think he was spreading his incompetence around :wink:

I would guess if you asked 8 people from 8 CFL teams what the worst call of the decade was, you would get 8 different answers. For me the worst call in the last decade was the phantom blocking call on the last play of the game that definately cost the Eskimos the win and possibly a playoff position in 2007. Sean Flemmings final game and it was Proulx on that occasion. The league subsequently apologized for the gaff.

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Probably "most obvious" is a more accurate description.

Highly unlikely the guy gets canned for one bad call, I'm sure the body of his work must have had something to do with it.

I cannot believe!!!! they fired that ref. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that PI call, it was the right call!!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I wouldn't even go there. :thdn:

I agree with you and have never forgiven Proulx for that one. whenever I am at a game and he’s the Ref I always tell everyone around me that he’s sure to blow at least 1 call this game, and it’s usually against my team.

As Tridus noted, it's never good when someone loses his job, but you can't say it wasn't without cause. And my gut feeling is that the dismissed ref must have effed up many more calls than just the ones in the MTL-WIN game to get fired. This might have been the last straw for Higgins.

Worst I've ever seen was a game back in '81 or '82. Riders were at Commonwealth in a barnstormer, wild high scoring game up and down the field, toe to toe. Manny Tolbert caught a huge bomb down the sidelines. The official blew the whistle incomplete out of bounds and everyone was stunned. The replay on TV showed over and over, Tolbert's foot was LITERALLY, I kid you not, no exaggeration, A FOOT - TWELVE INCHES - AN ENTIRE SUB SANDWICH ... In bounds.

Riders ended up punting instead of first down in the red zone.

A couple of possessions later, perhaps evenb the next possesion, the Eskimos threw an almost identical play. I can't remember the receiver. I want to say Bryan Fryar maybe, his foot comes down at least two inches onto the white, and it's COMPLETE. It was like a 40 yard gain. Eskimos score a TD on the drive and win 44-34.

Absolutely brutal.

Worst single call I've ever seen was the infamous Flutie fumble late in the '96 Grey Cup.

Aren’t the blown calls always against a fan’s favourite team? :wink:


The CFOA would not take this action lightly unless Berezowski had a repetitive history of incompetence.

I was just messing around!

Yes I know you were.

I would never make a joking accusation of an official throwing a call. In my opinion, VERY poor taste.

Hence, I wouldn't even go there. :thdn: