CFL reebok jersey's

Going into the 2005 season the CFL was sport nine new jersey's are you excited or do you wish the teams would wear the same uni's as last year?

I cant wait to buy a lions one!

Lions new ones will be amazing! GO LEOS

thats why there getting new every stupid person who wants to be a CFL fan will buy one and they will be rich.

I just got a black Lions gome jersey, so when the new ones come out mine will be a 'retro' jersey!

who cares what the jerseys look like, as long as they still play football, it makes no dif to me.

I will wait to see what they look like, from what i have been told the Als Jersey has not changed much, but the Esk and Bombers jersey from what i saw look sweet

Flippin' Right! Save me a spot in line with the rest of the Cattle! Go Cats. Might as well letter me up a Yeast jersey now.

where can you see what the new jerseys looks like?

I haven't seen the jersey's but a blurred picture of the stamps new look was posted up a couple months ago on another message board that I visit alot. Here's the pic if anybody knows of sites that show other jersey's I as well would like to see them

I own a alternate third Stamps jersey, so i'll wait and see what the new ones look like. If they appeal to me i'll buy one.

Strange thing I don't get is those reebok commercials last year with the line "put a shirt on" or whatever, but now a year later all those jerseys are obsolete essentially.

the good thing, is that hopefully all the old jerseys will be blown out at half price so i can get my hands on some. wih all the new jerseys, all sports tores will be eager to blow them out, i'll be watching for sales.

That makes me sick!!! I really hate the look of the new jerseys. :evil:
I'm more of a traditionalist and I was happy to hear that the Lions were going back to orange jerseys and that the Argos were dropping the teal and going back to the traditional double blue, but after seeing how the new jerseys are going to look like, my excitement has completely disappeared. Why make the teams look like they're part of NFL Europe?? Where's a puke icon when you need one. :wink:

Personally, does not matter to me. I will be at the games in my Green jersy. As long as they stay true to my Rider Green, my retro jersy will alway look good!


Those "leaked" photos are wrong, the jerseys wont look like those. So i think we should wait to ACTUALLY see them before we decide if we like them or hate them.

Why didn't the Argos go back to the old ship from the 70's? What's up with the stupid A? They mine as well of just kept with the same Argonaut and his shield, because I like it better than that stupid sheild with the A.
Also no offence to Ti-cat fans, but that entire organization has taken a queer eye for the straight guy make over with fruity Bob Young as your owner. I'm glad he saved your team, but what the hell is up with that symbol? Is it Garfield or Tony the Tiger? Also he said he wanted to get rid of the "Argos-suck chant" though I think there is not much thought put into it, it's still a chant that has been around a long time. Bob Young is turning your organization into "Mr. Rogers dictatorship." But he selling seats, so I guess you can't complain to much.

Apparently the Lions will be back in orange. I'm getting my jersey for sure. Just bought 5 season tickets and can't wait to get the show going. What a great season ahead. Too bad about the Riders though.

I hope the leaked photos aree wrong. The new stamps jersies are terrible. It makes the leaque seem really second rate to have jersies that look like NFL replicas inseat of their own designed jersies.

I will probably still buy one tha day they come out though

I haven't seen the uniforms either but I'm frankly skeptical. All of the new sports teams that have recently come into existance have awful uniforms. (Ottawa Renegades, Atlanta Thrashers, Nashville Predators) They're way to fancy. I just hope they have come up with something that has class and tradition, but I'm not counting on it.

But really, do teams HAVE TO change uniforms if the league says so? I mean, they are privately owned. So each one can make the decision for himself. If the league has an agreement with Reebok, then I guess all teams have to work with that company. But whether the look of each one changes or not is their very own decision.

Am I right, here? Or is there something I don't know?