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never say never...

[u]Six CFL records that will never be broken[/u] John Hodge, 3DownNation

[b]- Henry Williams’ 26 career punt return touchdowns (#2 spot Earl Winfield, 11 punt return TD)

  • Bob Cameron’s 353 consecutive games played (1980 - 2000)
  • Matt Dunigan’s 713 single-game passing yards (#2 spot Anthony Calvillo, 551 yards)
  • Wally Buono’s 254 career coaching wins (#2 spot Don Matthews, 232 wins)
  • Lui Passaglia’s 3,991 career points (#2 spot Paul McCallum, 3124 points)
  • Calgary’s 25-game win streak (August 25, 1948 to October 22, 1949)[/b]
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No mention of Joe Zuger's eight TD passes in a single game?

Terry Greer's three consecutive games with 200 yards receiving.

Out of all the records I can see the Stamps win streak breakable and attainable by a dominant team someday especially with a 18 game season rolling over to the next season . It could happen .

I dunno. Never is a long time.

Might be able to make a case for someone that returned a kick for over 130 yards back when the end zones were a little deeper.

I can't see it especially with the evolution of the CFL in recent years. (i.e. 1 year player deals, opt out handshakes, coaching carousel/pilfering, increasing QB vulnerability, early retirements etc etc)

Dynasties are no longer customary in the modern day CFL.

A few Patriot teams have almost had a perfect season in the NFL .

I think injuries and team depth are the deciding factor for football winning streaks .

A perfect season in the CFL I think is unlikely but not impossible but would not be contingent on that as the streak could happen during game 5 and go on to the second season without running the table on the 18 game season and could reach 26 which makes it more likely not less likely ; just my opinion no facts .

So in year one win 14 in a row and year two win the first 12 and the record is broken .

If they run the perfect season Team A has a regular season ending win streak of lets say three finishes second and goes on to win the grey cup there is 6 games won there . Now if that same team wins 18 and two more to win the grey cup that is 26 there for the record let alone that team may win more the third season before losing and extending the record . Too many variables so never say never ............ .

That record established was in a shorter season making it an easier record to break the last team capable of that record would have been the Eskimos of the late seventies and early eighties who were that dominant .

I stand corrected by the Stallions of Baltimore who were on a 16 game winning streak before they folded .

be a long time before the record for most teams in the league in a season is broken.

The Golden State Warriors break the Chicago Bulls record last night for wins in a season . This was the impetus for the CFL article . Good to see .

I can see one day a dominant team again in the CFL . I think today's CFL like's the parity but everything can change
overnight as there is parity in the NFL but the Patriots and their steady management and relatively healthy QB has given them a couple opportunities to run the table .

Some pretty impressive records that's for sure!

Five consecutive Grey Cup wins?

Le moins de points comptés par les deux équipes dans une partie : 2.

Sam Etcheverry passing to Hal Patterson for the longest possible forward completion.

That's just incredible and even kind of pathetic. I'm guessing the weather was really terrible for that game. Wasn't there an NFL game (in Chicago I think) a couple of years ago that was also very low scoring, something like 3-0. The field was to blame for that game. I remember seeing a clip of a punt and the ball nose dived half a foot into the soggy turf and just stuck there :lol:

It couldn't be any longer than 109. Surely this has happened more than once, though?

Jerry Keeling to Terry Evanshen (CGY) in '66. Damon Allen to Albert Jackson (BC) in '02 also went 109 yards.

George Dixon (MTL) in '63 and Willie Flemming (BC) in '64 each have 109 yard rushes.

Le record dans la NFL est... 0! (NY Giants contre Détroit, 7 novembre 1943)

Six more CFL records that will never be broken

I published a piece last week entitled “Six CFL records that will never be broken.? The article was well-received and generated so much conversation that I decided to continue to delve into the record books to find another six records that I believe to be unbreakable.

[b]- Damon Allen’s 11,920 career quarterback rushing yards

  • Ron Lancaster’s 396 career interceptions
  • Grover Covington’s 157 career sacks
  • Milt Stegall’s 144 career receiving touchdowns
  • George Reed’s 3,243 career rushing attempts
  • Edmonton’s five straight Grey Cups[/b]
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Le plus haut pourcentage de placements réussis en carrière : Ben Cahoon 100% (3/3) :lol: