CFL Record?

I didn't get to watch the game tonight, but did BC just set a CFL record for giving up he least passing yards in a game?
Must have been a heck of a defensive performance!
Ofcourse now they are going to be all pumped for us on Friday - thanks Al's :thdn:

Not sure, but Troy Smith is awful hahaha

To me AC was kinda like Martin Brodeur - perennial allstars who played forever. They also each maybe kept starting a little too long instead of being a mentor to a backup. I really feel that AC could have done more in grooming McPherson, but that ship has sailed and now they are where they are.
The question is will AC come back to coach in some capacity for the team? I can't see him wanting anypart of the mess right now though.

I agree with about McPherson.

So I looked it up in my trusty CFL Facts Figures and Records Book (2012 edition) and ... the record is not listed. :oops:

But on the radio today, Moj doing his weekly confab with coach Bene, someone dug up the stat and apparently it was the least passing yards allowed in a game since 1975 (they didn't provide the teams involved).

The CFL record for fewest passing yards in a game is zero.

I am not sure when this last happened. I know that my Blue Bombers last achieved this feat on August 25, 1960. Despite the zero yards passing, the Blue Bombers defeated the Edmonton Eskimos 18-14.