CFL reality TV

I hope CFL head office knows that Keron is is filming this "reality show"

If someone there gets together with him and it is worked into a high level professional quality

showing it on TV would be great marketing for the CFL especially if it can get airplay in the States.

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This could be a much different angle than the one they're doing about the blew team this year, given that it would be 100% from a player's perspective. And if he can get it airtime in the States, all the better for the league.

But before he does that, I would assume he knows enough to get permission from the league. And hopefully the league doesn't get in his way too much trying to take control of it. I can see that they would want to have some control - it's their image to project and protect, after all - but I'd hate to see it get twisted around by the lawyers and accountants.

I hope it's a good show.

Quite frankly, I was quite disappointed when they chose the Toronto team for the other reality show. Not necessarily because it was the Toronto team, that didn't help its appeal, but rather that I would have preferred it to be about a good football organization. One that is successful, like Montreal or Saskatchewan. So we can see what it is they do or don't that makes them what they are.

I doubt we could anything from what that Toronto team could demonstrate.

Oooops, my bias is showing. I guess it's OK, the seaon is about to start....

Well, regardless if some people think the Argos aren't the model franchise and haven't been for quite a while, or if Toronto will get into the 100th Grey Cup and it might backfire on the CFL (Damien Cox and someone else wrote this), the fact is the rich and storied history of Canadian football is as deep as it gets in Toronto even if it isn't a hotbed of Canadian football any longer. I respect this despite what I might read about the city and Canadian football there.

The CFL Version of HBO’s Hard Knocks Nice but why the Argos… why not the Cats

Why not the Lions? Stamps? Eskimos? Riders? Blue Bombers? Alouettes?
There's 8 teams in the league and one was picked. I'm not offended it wasn't the Cats in the least.

We are the oldest Team in the CFL

You know that if it is Montreal, the first version of the show can not be in English, do you not?

Then they could at least provide english sub-titles.