CFL reaches out to Karen for $1M bad call

Now can the League award the TiCats the 2014 Grey Cup for that blown call? :wink:

Good Lord...

I would not apologize. She is NOT going to want anything but the $1,000,000. Apologizing will only make it worse.

Not mentioned is that the official who made the call has agreed to do all laundry and housework for Karen for 1 year.

It's a mess. Nothing makes this better, except giving her the $1,000,000, and THAT is not going to happen.

This is the best move for all parties involved.

A free years worth of groceries, a VIP trip to the Grey Cup and Bombers season tickets for the rest of this and next season.

I know the haters will say 'not enough' and 'bush league' but the precedent of just giving her the million is not worth it in the long run.

I didn't like the call in the field myself but it stands and the Argos shouldn't get a bonus point in the standings either over this. No way they'll throw the offical under the bus in public over this.

Get rid of the contest. Will not work in Today's game, too many variables such as horrible reffing. I know people are making jokes about this but its not quite as funny as it may seem.

Maybe in the future the CFL can limit TD returns being called back "if" the infraction did not in any way effect the return by allowing the TD to stand and just tack the offending yardage on to the kick off. This rule would likely only work for the kicking game. Far too often a great return is wiped out by some crap call on the other side of the field. And while I understand the thought process that goes through the mind of an official in the heat of the moment by throwing a flag on a penalty despite it having no effect on the play its still what they are trained to do.

A review afterwards could determine whether or not it would have changed the outcome of the return. If yes then apply the penalty, if no then apply the yardage to the ensuing kickoff and let the outstanding play stand.

Its a nice gesture, but I don’t agree.

She already won a $25k home entertainment package.

The call could have gone either way. It was not 100% certain.

It was not called a touchdown in the game.

Lets say he scored the touchdown and there was no call. And they give the money to her.
However, a safeway rep while watching the game, sees a blatant penalty that is missed, can Safeway come back and refuse to payout due to the missed penalty.

Anyways, not my money and congrats to her for getting season tickets, grey cup tickets and groceries for a year.

I didn't see an apology here.

Personally I see this as almost an admission by the league that the official made the wrong call without actually coming out and saying it. And some serious damage control by Safeway. But there's no way that the insurance company is going to pay this one out, and the league and Safeway can't afford to pay it out themselves.

Or is it simply a pre-emptive offer of settlement in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit?


If you heard the phone call between her and the TSN panel last night

She said she never thought she won
She thought she was eligible to win million, like there would be another draw from all the names through out the season

Her husband explained it to her just as the flag was thrown

She is not disappointed because she never felt she had won

Don't make it right
Don't make it wrong

Just how it is

I see it as a pure PR move by both the league and Safeway - the power of social media

I don't see how she has any legal grounds as it was never ruled a touchdown to begin with and referee errors are part of the game in any sport.

Otherwise, teams can sue leagues when official errors cost their teams championships, playoff berths etc...

Penalty was a judgement call on what the Ref seen in the moment when it happened. A lawsuit, NOT! The wrong call is just a bunch of BS. Unfortunate for sure, but as for Karen :thup:

The fallout from the whole thing is great atmosphere indeed.

She just got 500K airmiles :rockin:

AIR MILES Canada?Verified account

#WhatAboutKaren? We're making sure she celebrates a touchdown of her own with 500,000 Miles!

Right or wrong there was no TD scored

The ref made a judgement call. I don't agree with it but I can see why he though it was a penalty

She cannot sue the league or safeway or the ref any more than a player could for a bad call costing him bonus money


Exactly. They're using to create some positive attention from what could be viewed through a bitter lens.

The Argos should step up and give her 5,000 seasons tickets. :smiley:

...she could scalp those for like hundreds of dollars...

Wendy's was probably the ones who paid off the officials to blow a call in these situations so they aren't out a million bucks.

Too bad it's not Wendy's

She could be Canada’s next big thing.

Remember Rider fan Dick Assman from Regina ?

Got famous and ended up on Letterman.

Hey, perhaps that Prime Minister Golden Boy that Eastern Canada voted in could give her $ 1 M , and give the terrorist traitor only 9.5 M.