Especially since he was going to break every CFL record, and get the Argos into the Grey Cup game! :wink: :wink:

Ricky Williams did nothing last season..the vote goes to Roberts..he may be small but he never stops going.

Charles Roberts by far. And I would have Wes Cates over Henri Childs any day of the week...

No contest. It's Charles Roberts

Until someone takes that rushing title away from him..hes gonan be number 1 to me..and even if he does lose it one year..hes still the best, Hes the smallest running back in the league, and yet he plays like hes 6'0 cuz he is strong, fast and he just never gives up!

Over 8 yards a carry...sorry, no contest.

Lumsden, hands down!

You guys must have good football brains.
I like the results so far.

I voted Roberts.
I wanted to vote Lumsden but that would be me playing favourite instead.

I hope the Wes Cates/Henri Childs Run game takes off by the end of the season; which should be about the end of November for SASKATCHEWAN. (relax it was a joke)

Joffery Reynolds is like a bulldozer in some games.

How is Joe Smith doing?

You are right. There is no contest. But you have the wrong man as your choice.

Roberts is the best for now. Lumsden will take over in the near future as he matures and takes advantage of more of the opportunities before him. When all the blocks are laid, he breaks out for huge gains with his ridiculously fast open field speed.

He needs to learn to better read his blocks. Once that comes around, watch out.