Pick one

haha, nice leave Edmonton off the list completely.

ATM, it's Smith vs. Roberts with Roberts winning.

Lumsden also must get props for playing for Hamilton and his average per carry.

It's sad how Hamilton seems to Refuse to use their top weapon.

hey man i have edmonton on my other poll..i accidently clicked submit before i put it bad but yea

If you talk nice to the mods, (Send them a pm) they will wave the magic wand and fix the missing player for your poll. (They've done it for me in the past.)

It should be Mclendon on there for the Esks, and Wes Cates for the Riders, not Henri Childs.

Hamilton has Corey Holmes also.

yea but i think as many ppl probably think that lumsden is better

for me it was down between lumsden and roberts, but i picked lumsden.. the canadian boy. not saying this becuz im a bomber fan but i think roberts is the better man..hes won the rushing title like what 5 years in a row or something..I like Lumsden, but roberts is my man

Roberts is the best back in the league. Reynolds and Lumsden are good backs, but until someone unseats Roberts for the rushing title, he is still the best and his numbers prove it.

Damn straight Sambo

...fixed it for you and added Edmonton....

niiice… :lol:

A.J Gass???Lmao

I was going to pick A. J. Gass but decided on Sir Charles.

good choice..

True, and I might agree, but I think Holmes could still be a top 8 RB in this league.

i had the same perdicament. LOL.

Red, what a great sense of humour!

AJ Gass! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

My vote goes to Ricky Williams