CFL ratings this weekend?

anyone know the CFL ratings from week 14 games???....

if so, what were the NFL ratings like in canada, for week 3 in the NFL?

DG they come out in Tuesdays papers, the best with comments are in the Globe & Mail, Bill Hustons column. While the Toronto Star has a small little box.I am willing to bet the largest audience yet again will be the CFL and for this week the announcerless game, BCvs Edmonton. Maybe around 550,000. What do you think.

550 000 with a peak of 700 000
NFL games prolly, 190 000

The No Fun League will not even register on the radar screen. Your figure may be the combination of the NFL and Crap Jays. Last week the three CFL games and this has virtually happened all year long, were the highest rated. Can you say leaving the MLB and NFL in the dust here in Canada. But, of course the diehard NFL watchers will never admit to this.

OK...its TUESDAY....what'd the paper say the ratings were????

DG the ratings are in and we were correct sort of. The #1 weekend rating goes to .............. Argos vs Riders @ 536,000, followed by (we need an audit here as I cant beleive) NFL Giants vs Chargers @ 465,000; 3. Lions vs Esks @ 436,000; 4. Golf(snooze) President Cup @ 335,000; 5. Baseball Jays vs Yanks(Sunday) @334,000; 6. Baseball Jays vs Yanks (Friday) @334,000; 7. Auto Racing, Nascar(Sunday) @284,000.
The CFL last week on Thursday is not considered weekend watching and there was no mention . In summary, the CFL blows everyone away almost every week. When will TSN be smart enough to open up negotiations on a new TV deal, even though we are in year 3 of 5 of the old one. We should be able to get $20M per year in the next contract for lets say 5 years running.

yea, an audit would be good…465 000 for GIANTS vs CHARGERS…why would THAT game draw big numbers???..i can see, perhaps a BILLS game, and even thats a stretch.

more than BC vs Edmontons???..sounds fishy…unless the CBC lockout is FINALY affecting the ratings?

Also the RDS game , Peg vs Als does not register as it is classified as regional coverage. Maybe the NFL game had a typo and I truly beleive it may have had one too many "0" in print?

That game probably drew big because it was a Sunday night game. What else is there to do on a Sunday night?

It also has Eli Manning and Tomlinson and people probably tuned in to see how they'd do.

never heard of them

Tomlinson ran for 195 yards and 3 touchdowns and also had 1 pass of 26 yards for a td. Eli Manning is Peyton Mannings little brother. Eli is suppose to be as good as PEyton one day. Last year Peyton had 49 td passes.


your speaking a different language to me

I watch the football..can't get enough, But when Hank's lovely lady say's enough is enough, you moron...I go running for CfL games only. I have noticed so much more talk about the CfL in the workplace, in the last couple years that it out numbers NFL talk...

i HATED football, until i went to the ARGOS season opener this year.....cuz when a non-football-watchin sportsfan thinks football, they think NFL not CFL....( blame the southern ontario media )
so i always thought football meant NFL....

thats why i dont know or care about anything NFL related....ONLY CFL 4 ME!!!!!

i sat thu a bit of an NFL game, just to compare the two....i cant watch NFL....american cities have no personal meaning to me, so i dont care about who wins or loses.

DG could not have said it any better. In my case for the last 15 years I have had Argo season tickets. I have absolutely zero interest in the NFL. This site if for us Canadian Football League fans to discuss and celebrate the best game of all. When not attending Argo games, I watch and root for the games shown on TV. There has been a slight improvement in the mentality for CFL/Argo games in the last little while here in the Center of the Universe. But, I am afraid how the southern Ontario poison media is largely to blame for the anti CFL stand by the masses.