CFL ratings report

Agree with you.
However I do not recall reading or hearing from the league how much the ESPN deal is worth?
Does anyone know here, or hopefully this is not the nudge nudge wink wink tied in TV contract with TSN who are owned partially by ESPN.
That would be a crime if there is no money coming in.
Something that I think Randy would quickly correct if not contractually bound....for sure with the next deal.

Up in Ottawa visiting and they had TSN 5 only .

Neither Saturdays game was on .

This has to have an effect on ratings for those that don't get the TSN total package and only the regional network .

Not sure why they would have a regional difference in not showing the CFL games.

Especially a game the Redblacks were in .

Just an educated guess but I suspect whatever was on - had precedence over CFL broadcasts - in conjunction with TSN's agreement with the CFL on broadcasting games!

P.S. Auto crashes (Daytona, Formula 1) is the big killer for TSN - they must have ironclad agreements with these sports that force dumping CFL when something big (ie. a sport that pays far more than CFL for air) - Race-crashing, pro tennis are a couple I can think of - certain PGA events, too!

But why that one region of the country only ?

Doesn't make sense especially that night with a Ottawa game ? I have seen it for other regions as well on some nights .

I noticed the difference in TSN - CFL time commercials in different regions as well .

There is a significant difference at times .

I am surprised I am one of the few that notice . We are talking a huge difference in quality of advertisers at times .

Another semi-educated guess on advertiser selection. TSN, with its multi-channel platform now has the ability to offer advertisers both regional and/or national packages. No point for a western based car dealer to advertise to east-only audiences - the yield isn't there. Obviously national brands and services are the best fit but with so much ad time being flushed down the toilet (ie. UNSOLD) the sales boys at TSN are trying to be ultra-creative in offering all kinds of advertising packages - mostly to recoup the enormous financial committment they've extended the CFL. CFL wants to help - providing TSN's ad managers the names of local and regional businesses interested in the CFL (same thing a local radio station does when selling remote on location broadcasts to ego-driven business owners).

Only problem is mechanics and set-up. TSN may not have enough staff (switchers, technical computer folks, etc.) to handle all the various priorities presented by having many of its advertisers as regional guys vs. national guys.

Definitely see some regionalization in terms of Humptys which make's sense but it's the infomercials that make me shake my head . Maybe they pay really well I don't know .

But it still makes me wonder TSN 5 is Eastern Ontario including Ottawa , Quebec and Maritimes . So you don't show the Ottawa game at 4:30 pm that's odd .

So two games removed for those who choose not to get the sports package .

What I find also strange is with my Shaw you have to get all Rogers sportsnet and TSN even though I may just want one . They don't break them down but if I chose not too I would be missing CFL games this year at home in my region .

So if others not paying full sports package has to have a impact on the CFL in terms of overall ratings as the regionalization does not show some of the games and excludes a considerable number of viewers .

So when TSN removed the one national feed it must have some consequences .
Surprised they were not told to keep one national feed when doing deals with any league and needing national advertisers .

Why would I do a deal with this kind of fractured audience when Canada does not have the population nor the amount of games an NFL does with it having national games and some only regional for it's affiliates .

CFL ratings report: Introducing ‘The Johnny Effect’

But Manziel’s biggest impact is likely to be in the one area he didn’t mention: TV ratings.
His first game with Alouettes, last Thursday’s match up with the Edmonton Eskimos, posted an average audience of 516,300 on TSN. While that’s not a huge number – slightly above the CFL’s season average of 510,300 – it’s also the second-highest English language number for the Alouettes and the second-most watched game for the Eskimos this season. All that for the chance of seeing Manziel take the field (though he ultimately didn’t.)

The game is one of the 17 regular season contests on the ESPN2 schedule and it will be interesting to see if the American rights holder adds more of Manziel’s games to the schedule, which goes on hiatus in mid-August once the NFL pre-season gets rolling before returning for the playoffs.

The CFL could certainly use the help. Week 7 ratings were down more than 5.5 per cent from a year ago, largely due to the 330,800 number posted by the Ottawa-Hamilton game which was the second-lowest rated game of the season. The Redblacks viewership has been the worst in the CFL by far this season, with an average audience of just 415,400 (Calgary is next at 487,500.)

Week 7 ratings
Edmonton at Montreal: 516,300

Toronto at Winnipeg: 565,000

Ottawa at Hamilton: 330,800
Calgary at Saskatchewan: 616,300

Week 7, 2018 vs 2017: -5.6 per cent
Year-to-date vs 2017: +0.8 per cent


As someone who was at the Ottawa/Hamilton game, it was indeed unwatchable.

The game REALLY killed us. :frowning:

If the Hamilton/Ottawa game had achieved even 500,000 viewers, we would have been up 2.6% over last year. That game really the bed. :frowning:

The game was also on RDS and I for one always choose RDS over TSN for CFL games.
46 games are scheduled on RDS this year so even some game NOT including the Als OR the RBs are listed.
I'll be watching this evening game (Ham VS Win) on RDS !

Yeah, Hamilton/Ottawa was an excellent match-up so any explanations for the lowish numbers are welcome.

It was not on TSN 5 . That's a region that included Ottawa .

Have a ranked show July 30 - Aug 5,%202018%20-%20August%2005,%202018%20(National).pdf

That makes me feel good.

WOW. Look at those Big Brother numbers!!!!

I guess I was right when I said the CFL should find a way to partner with that show in Canada. :wink:

True, but rather sobering to think that over 100,000 Canadians were watching reruns of Young Sheldon than CFL football.

Young Sheldon is on CTV and, my guess, on an American channel - which would be CTV subbed. It's a fight we cannot win.

Where are the Jays and MLS?

The Jays have been falling like a stone. TFC's ratings are garbage.

I don't know how anyone else feels, but this season I have been feeling like the games are taking too long. I love watching CFL and have been a season ticket holder for 16 years, but my life is busier than I used to be, and taking 3 hours to watch a game either on TV or in person is starting to feel like a bit of a slog to sit through.

I remember that NHL games used to take a lot longer than they do now as well. In the late 90s the league decided to make the game "faster" by dropping the puck sooner between whistles. Now NHL games don't take as long to end as a CFL game does.

Is there a way to cut break time down a bit to make the average game end in 2-and-a-half hours? That might keep fans (particularly new fans) engaged better.

I agree. The games do run long. I don't think there is a way to get it to 2.5 hours - simply too much stoppage. Plus, I am sure TSN loves the 3 hour window.