CFL ratings report

CFL ratings report: Riders-Ticats game posts massive number

So last week, I discussed how the ratings for TSN’s Thursday night broadcasts had underperformed when compared to the other days of the week. Well, there seems to be a quick and easy solution: let the Saskatchewan Roughriders play every Thursday.
The Riders game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats last Thursday posted a whopping 741,100 average audience on TSN, far and away the highest-rated game of the 2018 season. There were just four regular-season games that posted numbers in excess of 700K in all of 2017. The Riders played in three of them.

Week 4 ratings
Hamilton at Saskatchewan: 741,400
Ottawa at Montreal: 393,900
Saturday (early)
Edmonton at Toronto: 477,900
Saturday (late)
B.C. at Winnipeg: 466,800


Does the Ottawa / Montreal game include RDS?


A 520K average, when 2 of the games were unwatchable, isn't horrible.

Still disappointing.

But if we assume 200K for the Als on RDS - it sounds like those numbers are not included, it increases the average to 570.

It wasn’t deleted. It was moved to an already existing thread on that precise topic:


But Are these numbers effected by the regional TSN setup now .

Tonight TSN 5 does not have Friday Night Football .

TSN 5 is the primary feed for eastern Ontario , Quebec and Atlantic Canada .

Does anyone know if you do not get all 5 TSN channels are you losing out as an audience for CFL games .

If this is the case then the numbers would have to be effected .

TSN 5 has NASCAR racing tonight not the CFL game .

TSN 2 the alternate channel always has something else tonight it's boxing and has no effect on the audience .

Here are the latest ESPN2 CFL ratings in the U.S:

Edm/Wpg - 6/14/18 - ESPN2 - 82 min. - 8:30 pm - 264,000 (avg.)
Edm/Wpg - 6/14/18 - ESPN2 - 49 min. - 10:40 pm - 128,000 (avg. weather delay)

Tor/Sask - 6/15/18 - ESPN2 - 175 min. - 9:00 pm - 197,000 (avg.)

Mon/B.C. - 6/16/18 - ESPN2 - 176 min. - 10:00 pm - 206,000 (avg.)

Ham/Cal - 6/16/18 - ESPN2 - 184 min. - 7:00 pm - 237,000 (avg.)

Wpg/Mon - 6/22/18 - ESPN2 - 177 min. - 7:00 pm - 159,000 (avg.)

B.C./Edm - 6/29/18 - ESPN2 - 189 min. - 10:00 pm - 164,000 (avg.)

Wpg/Ham - 6/29/18 - ESPN2 - 180 min. - 7:00 pm - 202,000 (avg.)

I'd think the CFL would be very pleased with these numbers, which are nearly half the Canadian ratings...which are worth $45M to TSN, so the ESPN deal should garner at least $20M (U.S.)?


be good to be able to put it into context by knowing how many tvs were on at the time. Are we looking at 10%, 1%, .1% ??

They listed the 18-49 share, which were in the .05% to .07% range.

Those aren't bad for ESPN2. But let's not kid ourselves - many of those are football fanatics just looking for ANY kind of a football fix until the NCAA and the NFL pre-season get rolling in a few weeks and then almost no CFL games are even shown down there on ESPN2.

I'd be curious (not that I want see Masoli get hurt) - but I would be curious to see what sort of ratings a Ti-Cats game would get on ESPN2 if known in advance Manziel would be playing QB - because let's face it 90+% of any preseason CFL coverage in the USA heading into this season was directly a result of the Manziel signing.

Week 4 ratings
Hamilton at Saskatchewan: 741,400
Ottawa at Montreal: 393,900
Saturday (early)
Edmonton at Toronto: 477,900
Saturday (late)
B.C. at Winnipeg: 466,800


And yet there are still many who are wondering why the Maritime Football Group wants to build another regional CFL franchise, lol

Is this with ESPN charging $5 per month?

I think they would probably just pass. Just an assumption though.

Actually, these games were on TV and ESPN3 which comes with the TV channel (or with an authorized ISP) and not exclusive to the ESPN+ subscription package.

Interesting to note, I just turned ESPN2 on for the Montreal-Calgary game and was informed that the start of the game is moved to ESPNEWS as ESPN2 is currently showing......people playing video games, this whole E-Sports thing makes me want to puke, but that's a story for another day.

Talk about no respect for the league . A deal with ESPN that is embarrassing .

I think Corn hole has more pull .

The non-athletes finished up their business and they switched the game back to ESPN2 a few minutes ago.

Are you talking about the Argos or the Als?

needs a bump

And in the real world they would absolutely get that but
this is the CFL(Heading into a CBA negotiation in Mar-Apr-Maybe even May 2019).
Not the real world.

When [url=]news broke[/url] that TSN was bringing back live mic games, one of the justifications for their return was the 10 per cent ratings bump the games supposedly enjoyed. But the CFL and the broadcaster hasn’t seen anywhere close to that kind of return so far in 2018. In fact, the first four live mic games have averaged 456,000 viewers on TSN, almost 11 per cent worse than the overall average of 511,000.

Now, it’s a small sample size and it’s likely skewed by the fact that the Saskatchewan Roughriders – easily the league’s top draw – have yet to wear the mics so far this season (each team will do so four times.) But it would appear that live mics are not providing a boost in viewership in and of themselves (at least so far.)

Overall, Week 6 ratings were down five per cent from 2017 with an average audience of 515,900. The numbers are still up two per cent overall on the season but after a strong start that saw TSN post gains in three of the first four weeks, rating are down in each of the last two. [b]Week 6 ratings[/b] Thursday -Saskatchewan at Hamilton: 689,300 Friday -B.C. at Ottawa: 500,200 Saturday -Winnipeg at Toronto: 421,200 Montreal at Calgary - 452,900

Week 6, 2018 vs 2017: -4.9 per cent
Year-to-date vs 2017: +1.9 per cent