CFL ratings in the US

I am listening to this sirius sports radio station and they were talking about how the CFL has better ratings than the NHL in the US.

I guess that is a plus for the CFL's overall exposure.

omg...argos_bills sayin something positive about the CFL.

or negative about the NHL

more of the negative

Nah, I have been getting pretty interested in the CFL lately. I'll probably go to a few games this season. Football is football and eventhough I may not agree with you guys or even some aspects of the CFL, I am still a football fan.


I have nothing to prove to you.

I dont remember asking!

you guys are so cute

Better than the NHL despite the NHL better TV coverage and more American based teams, amazing!

maybe the NHL should use a different color, glow in the dark, puck.

god forbid that should happen!

.....because hockey is so frequently played in the dark.....[/sarcasm]

hay i had a glow in the dark puck when i was 5 it was sweet

With all the new changes in the NHL, I wouldn't be surprised if they did start playing games in the dark with glow in the dark pucks and light colored uniforms if it would get people in the south to go to the games, or watch it on TV.

Speaking of the American TV ratings... anyone notice the lack of an American TV schedual on the website? Is the CFL being dropped or what's the deal?

I think that is great Bills and I hope you enjoy the entertainment.

Pseudo, we were told the US TV sched is being developed, and will be released upon completion.

It's hard for us here in the states to get the games if you do not have direct tv,we only get CBC here in Detroit.It will be nice if they expand the coverage.

Not only does this show how pathetic the NHL is, it shows that the CFL is growing ... which is nice. That's good news ... Even as they try their best to americanize hockey, it still doesn't work :slight_smile: Now, if the four "major" leagues in the US are the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL ... where does that put the CFL if it gets better ratings than the NHL?

Hockey is such a niche sport in North America, let alone the world. I’d like to see people in Canada become geared towards sports like soccer and even football. After all, going back to the roman days, we do follow teams as a sense of civic pride no? Where is the pride in winning the stanley cup if no one even cares. Heck, it is even funnier that 24 of the 30 NHL teams are in american cities and they don’t even care.

Where is a good place to buy retro CFL jerseys? I like the boatman logo better than the “A”

So you're saying we should play other sports because everyone else is playing them? I don't like to do or watch something because other people like it, I do or watch something because I like it.

It doesn't matter how many people care when you accomplish something, it only matters what you care. Watch a pee-wee hockey championship and look at the kids faces when their team wins. Not a lot of people care or even know that these kids won something but it does not matter to them. All they see is that trophy and the pride of accomplishing something special.