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Just heard on the FAN 590 that there were 5 million in ratings with the new ratings system; Excellent. Don't know the source yet but I'm sure it will be confirmed today or tomorrow. Great news for TSN and The CFL

Just found a link on TSN
11/30/2009 5:57:46 PM

It was a Grey Cup classic and now it's a Grey Cup record. More Canadians watched the Grey Cup last night on TSN and RDS than ever before. Preliminary overnight data from BBM Canada confirms that 6.1 million viewers watched last night's thrilling CFL championship game - making it the most-watched Grey Cup ever* as well as the most-watched telecast of the year in Canada**.

More than 14 million Canadians, or nearly 43% of the country's population, watched the game in whole or in part. An incredible 8.35 million viewers were watching the broadcast at 9:49 p.m. ET on TSN and RDS as Montreal kicker Damon Duval converted his second game-winning field-goal attempt as timed expired.

The combined TSN and RDS audience for 2009 Grey Cup surpasses the previous combined Grey Cup audience high of 5.2 million set in 2002 by 16%.

TSN's Grey Cup audience of 5.087 million becomes the highest audience ever recorded for the network, surpassing the 2009 IIHF World Junior Championship Gold Medal game that attracted 3.7 million viewers on TSN earlier this year. RDS' French broadcast attracted over one million viewers. The broadcast on RDS surpassed all conventional television audiences on a competitive Sunday night in the French market.

The Grey Cup on TSN becomes the most-watched telecast on Canadian television this year - ahead of both The 81st Annual Academy Awards and Super Bowl XLIII**.

"An incredible audience for what was an absolutely incredible game. We are obviously thrilled that so many Canadians joined us for what will go down as one of the most dramatic Grey Cups of all time," says Phil King, President of TSN. "We are incredibly proud of our CFL broadcast team - last night and throughout the whole season - they captured all of the drama and emotion that makes the CFL so special."

"What a way to end the season, and unbelievable game with more Canadians watching than ever before. The Grey Cup is truly a national celebration and its wonderful so many of our fans across the country joined us for one of the most remarkable games in CFL history," said Mark Cohon, Commissioner of the CFL. "Our league offers its congratulations to our partner TSN on a truly outstanding broadcast, and our thanks to our fans across Canada for their tremendous support."

TSN's support programming also had impressive audiences with Grey Cup: Countdown to Kick-off attracting 2.2 million viewers and the Grey Cup Post Game Show averaging an audience of 2.1 million viewers.

Online, attracted more than 2.9 million page views on Grey Cup Sunday***. More than 5,000 people viewed TSN's Grey Cup blog from CFL analyst Duane Forde. The Grey Cup blog attracted users from all over the world including from such far away places as China and Chile.

The Grey Cup is available on-demand on and will soon be available in the iTunes store for fans who want to purchase a copy.

Final audience numbers for the 2009 Grey Cup will be available in the coming weeks.

*Since television meter measurement was introduced in 1989
**Audiences prior to August 31, 2009 based on BBM Nielsen Media Research Mark II meters
*** Omniture

Guys, come on tone it down for pete sakes, you're going to send Ian Mendes and Phil Lind over the deep end at Rogers and some of the "boys" at The Score into a serious mental condition, clinical depression. Be nice, and I thought CFL fans had more compassion and empathy than other sports fans out there. Jeez. :wink:

Yeah. With that kind of support if nobody can tap into Toronto's population and find some football fans to watch a few games I dont think life is worth living. Toronto should be one of the most successful franchises. Jeez.

In your face pro-NFL / anti-CFL Toronto media. :rockin:

You know.
With numbers like this, why even worry what these know nothings write.
Because like what the Gene Wilder character said to the Cleavon Little character in Blazing Saddles.
"they're morons"

That's what I've been saying all along!!!!!!!! :o :o :o

Need I remind you guys, be nice and courteous, Ian and Phil are our fellow Canadians afterall and deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. They have feelings as well you. :lol:

The big comparison will be when we get to see the Super bowl with the new ratings system as well. Personally I am ecstatic at the ratings this game got, but I'm one of those that'll be at a Super bowl party as well.

I’m with ya there Dust, I watch the Super Bowl as well and enjoy it, just with less passionate emotion than the Grey Cup. But really, for all the “hype” that Canada is inundated with Super Bowl hype on our American networks, that don’t care about Canada, and from our Canadian networks that have paid huge to carry the game and their advertisers that have paid huge compared with the Grey Cup, I figure the Super Bowl should get minimum double the numbers. And when has that ever happened?

i was reading wikipedia, and it claims the 1982 grey cup ( the day i was born! ), between the eskies and argos, holds the record with 7.8 million canadians watching.

We'll have to wait and see. IIRC the numbers for the NFL in Canada haven't really changed with the new system compared to the old system.

It is a little early to start bragging... the ** is really important.

All I can say is wow.
More than anyone of us expected.

Some of us have said previously, but especially after these huge numbers if TSN was smart they would not wait two more years for the contract to run out.
Instead renegotiate now with the league and sign long term at $50M per year.

The system they used to calculate ratings back then is now considered archaic and not accurate....

For the 83,84,85 seasons Carling Okeefe paid the CFL 11 million dollars per season. That would be about 20 million in today's money.
Considering that the country now has 30 percent more people then back then and that the league is equally as popular as back then then a number around 30 million per season would be fair.
I think that 50 million is pushing it ...but 25-30 would be reasonable.

I watch it with as much passion... mostly because I take my sports a little too seriously... :lol:

Here is william houston's take fom his blog

It was won (and lost) on the final play, which gave the telecast plenty of drama. It was unpredictable and strange, but never dull, although the first quarter did not look promising.

And, it didn’t hurt that TSN’s leading CFL draw, Saskatchewan Roughriders, was in the Grey Cup game against the Montreal Alouettes.

When it was over, all those factors helped deliver to TSN an audience of 5.087 million viewers – a TV record for the CFL’s championship game.

TSN’s viewership, combined with RDS’s French language audience of 1.009 million, brought the national total to 6.096 million, which is also a record.

These are preliminary figures and they could change slightly, but not much. The record will stand.

The previous Grey Cup mark was set in 2002 when the CBC drew 4.416 million for Edmonton Eskimos-Alouettes (a English language record), and RDS pulled in 1.019 million, bringing the total of 5.435 million (a national record).

But measuring the 2002 audience against the 2009 figure is an apples and oranges comparison. The new BBM Canada system of measurement, called the Portable People Meter, has significantly increased live sports audiences across the board since it was introduced to the English Canadian market in September.

The big change involves group viewing. It’s now being measured and it wasn’t in the past. And for big events such as the Grey Cup, there is plenty of group viewing, at house parties and in bars and restaurants. Those audiences weren’t measured in 2002.

RDS’s audience of 1.009 million was not a record. Its largest Grey Cup audience tuned in last year when 1.062 million watched the Als lose to the Calgary Stampeders. That audience was measured by the PPMs.

For TSN, it’s 5.087 million ranks as its largest audience ever for any telecast, easily surpassing the 3.7 million for the 2009 world junior gold medal game between Canada and Sweden.

The audience peaked at 8.35 million at 9:49 p.m. ET, when Damon Duval converted his second attempt at a field goal to win the game 28-27 for Montreal.

The afternoon pre-game show averaged 2.2 million viewers. The post-game telecast was watched by 2.1 million. Both are impressive numbers. had 2.9 million page views on Sunday.

A full review of TSN’s Grey Cup telecast can be read on the previous post.

Weekend audiences

The absence of the Toronto Maple Leafs cost Hockey Night In Canada at least 250,000 viewers on Saturday night.

The show’s 7 p.m. ET game, with the Leafs playing, had been averaging more than two million viewers. With Toronto idle on Saturday, a large segment of the southern Ontario market tuned out and the audience dropped to 1.783 million. Hockey Night aired three games: Washington Capitals-Montreal Canadiens went nationally, with Calgary-Columbus and Boston-Ottawa seen regionally.

The pre-game show continues to draw exceptionally well. It had 644,000. The second game of the doubleheader, Vancouver-Edmonton, was watched by a 1.202 million, well above the average.

Regional hockey: Friday, Calgary Flames-Detroit Red Wings, 228,000; San Jose Sharks-Edmonton Oilers, Rogers Sportsnet West 255,000. Sunday, Sharks-Canucks, 399,000, Sportsnet Pacific.

Basketball: Phoenix Suns-Toronto Raptors, CBC, Sunday afternoon, 334,000.

Alpine skiing: Saturday: Aspen women’s GS, run one, 63,000 viewers, CBC; Lake Louise men’s downhill, 119,000; Aspen women’s GS, run two, 199,000.

Soccer: EPL, Sportsnet, Saturday morning, 67,000.

This is fantastic numbers. Unbelievable, and great game to boot.

CFL owners must be excited for the new TV deal: $$$

In my opinion that's the only thing holding the CFL back. Once the CFL is no longer getting shafted for its superior product, the teams will be laughing.