CFL ratings down ( and dropped 30% in ontario )

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Canadian Football League TV ratings did something they've done only once before in the past decade: decreased from the previous year.

CBC's 415,000 average was down 10 per cent from last season, while TSN's 356,000 average was 8 per cent below 2005.

However, last season marked the highest ratings in history.

"You never like to take a step back, but it's not really fair to compare ratings to the highest we've ever had," said TSN president Phil King.

Despite the decreases, TSN still recorded its second-highest CFL average in history, while the CBC's was the fourth-highest in the past decade.

There is a cause for concern in that Ontario accounted for most of the lost viewers. TSN's ratings were down 30 per cent in the most populated province.

It's not hard to see why," said King. We lost Ottawa, Hamilton had a horrible season and Toronto got off to a slow start."

King says many factors contributed to the ratings decrease, citing an overlap with the World Cup and the improved performance by the Blue Jays. The Jays outdrew the CFL on several Friday nights, something that has rarely happened since 2000.

There was some bad luck involved, too.

One of TSN's traditional big draws, an Edmonton-Calgary game, went head-to-head against Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final between Carolina and Edmonton. But the greatest factor was a high number of blowouts and decreased offence.

"We know people were interested because ratings were high at the start of games," King said. ``But you could see the audiences changing channels as the games went on."

World Series ratings are down and many NHL US markets are down. All part of the ups and downs of TV ratings, not really big news I don't think.

I watched less this year, mainly because the weather was nicer, and I spent more time outside. I didn't watch as many "other teams" games this year.

As for hockey I barely watched any of the No Hit League crap. Have plans to see more Blazer games in Kamloops this year.

Sportsmen, if you were a Cat fan, you would probably find like me that other teams games were far more interesting to watch. 8)

The numbers are still awesome, with TSN being the second best ever.
This bodes well for the new contract after 2007, and like I have been saying negotiations must start at a minimum $20M per year.

With the Eskimo team struggling this year, I'm certain many Eskimo fans have turned their attention over towards the Oilers this year, contributing to the drop in ratings.

Ratings fluctuate. It's no big deal. Losing Ottawa and Hamilton's abyssmal performance certainly factored into the drop in ratings in Ontario.

Losing Ottawa
Disapointment over Tom Wright's treatement
Poor play in Hamilton,Toronto and Edmonton
No pre season game like the one in Halifax which had huge ratings.
Bad scheduling.

This all plays in to the hands of the broadcasters as they start negotiating a new contract. League should also look at its kickoff and punt return rules. video replay for reffing should also be dropped from regular season games, it slows the game down.

The Raptors season opener did 111,000 viewers nationally. Down 29% from last year. The Cfl had its second best year ever TV ratings wise. The Raptors and NBA are seeing their ratings disintegrate. If you ask me the CFL has nothing to worry about. But if I owned the Raptors, I'd be very scared.

The problem is that there are too many fans like Argos_Bills in southern Ontario--NFL crazy fans who wont look at the great product in their own backyard. They always will believe that the grass is greener on the other side.

I see no problem with these numbers.

You lost some viewers in OTTAWA , HAMILTON and Toronto because of bad starts , the WORLD CUP of Soccer and the NHL finals.

Lets see what the play off numbers will be?

Still compared to other years these numbers are great!

Imagine the ratings if OTTAWA/HAMILTON had a half- desent teams and there was NO World Cup of soccer!

Just losing Ottawa likely accounts for the majority of those numbers.
Do the math.
A 10% drop is only 40000 viewers.
The Ottawa region accounts for over 1 million potential viewers.
It is not difficult to figure out what happened.

They aren’t because they make money on Merchandise, Their attendance is strong, and they get a cut from a real TV contract from south of the border. Pro sports in Canada still relatively depends on revenue at the gate, and the Raptors have always done well there. Television contracts are just extra money, i’d like to see their ratings for the TSN home opener which was accessible to more people than the Score is.