CFL ratings are down

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After record-breaking numbers last year, the CFL's TV ratings have definitely dropped this season.

Through the first half of the season (Aug. 20), TSN's ratings have slipped by 37,000 viewers per game to an average of 329,000 people, with CBC down 51,000 sets of eyeballs compared to the same period last year.

But while those numbers might be alarming, they shouldn't be.

Given the obstacles facing the networks, the ratings are still very strong.

"Viewership in Ontario - the biggest province - is down, due to the loss of Ottawa and the poor performances by the Argonauts and Tiger-Cats," said TSN's Andrea Goldstein.

"Usually one of our highest-rated games, the matchup featuring Edmonton-Calgary (Battle of Alberta) on June 17 attracted 176,000 viewers, as it went head-to-head against Game 6 of the Stanley Cup featuring the Edmonton Oilers."

And there is also the matter of blowouts.

"The games are more lopsided this year. Fans are tuning out early and not watching the entire game," continued Goldstein.

TERRIBLE TABBIES: This segment is brought to you by the No. 10 because that is how many points the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have scored at home in the last three games - combined. If you are keeping score at home, the Tabbies have been outscored 100-10 in three straight defeats at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

BIZARRE BUT TRUE: In the last two games for Hamilton, running backs Corey Holmes and Josh Ranek have combined to rush for 25 yards. Why did Hamilton acquire both players in the off-season if they're being used so sparingly, if not foolishly?

WINNIPEG WOES: Granted Winnipeg is playing without starting QB Kevin Glenn and SB Milt Stegall, but that doesn't change the fact the Bombers have dropped four straight games at home since blowing out Edmonton 46-10 on Canada Day. And understandably, four straight losses aren't sitting well in the Bomber clubhouse.

Before choking a 15-0 second-half lead on Friday to Toronto, Bomber offensive lineman Mike Abou-Mechrek offered this gem to the Winnipeg media: "This losing at home ... it's like inviting somebody over for a backyard barbecue and then letting him get on the grill. You DO NOT touch another man's grill. And you don't touch another man's wife and you don't come into someone's house and win. It's inexcusable."

FINISH LINES: Back to the topic of TV, TSN claims that advertising revenue for CFL games has increased by more than 300% in the last five years.

Most leagues have ups and downs with ratings. Losing a team hurt for sure, but not as much as I would have thought.

it's not that bad of a drop considering:

-the loss of a team,
-a crappy schedule,
-the return of hockey ( which led to playoffs overshadowing the begining of a new cfl season ),
-both ontario teams sucking for half the season, with one team still putting up embarassing performances every week.

World Cup is also to blame. but with LDC this week, plus with the possibly of Allen and Stegail bracking records, numbers should go up up and away!

I blame Bush

everyone blames him for everything, and that's becase he is reponsible for all that and a bag of corn chips!

so many people keep claiming it is his league that I figure he must be responsible.


But I'm confused.....I thought this was Hugh Campbell's league....?? :wink:



It's cold enough mid-November for a GC game, let alone mid-December.....

Keep the 18 games.....14 is far too few for my liking.....

what planet are you from??

Nice and warm in the dome! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Forget the 14 game schedule. The way it is now is fine.

I dont care how many games, the season still starts in june. You want to wait til september, stick with the NFL.


Why would you play 6 preseason games? That makes no sense. Too many bang ups before the season even starts, and it would take six weeks, in addition to the weeks already used for training camp, of play before you get to the good stuff.....

.....two is fine.....any more is too many.....leave it as it is.

Cause nobody wants 6 preseason games and the league need revenue from more than 14 reg games.

my personal choice, based on 8 team league, is

3 pre season games

3 reg season games against each team in division
2 reg season games against each of the other division teams.

total of 20 games.

Who knows, maybe one extra preseason game might have prevented some of the Hamilton and Edmonton problems as well as Torontos bad start. Maybe not.

Some one who knows, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the players get paid for pre-season games, I beleive they get a per diem. So I think any extra pre-season would have to be approved by the Players association.

The players Association would never go for it.

The league could agree that the players salaries remain the same, ie, more money per reg game played, or however it would work out. The end result could still end up with same money for same tot number of games played. However, it doescould represent an increased cost of some sort in keeping all players eventually cut, around for one extra pre season game. Also, a third preseason game might bring in less revenue. It would be interesting to see if it would result in a slightly higher quality reg season which could bring in more revenue to compensate.