CFL Rankings

There is some discrepency regarding the subjective CFL Rankings. Here's mine with explanation:

  1. Calgary. Same record as Montreal, yet younger, healthier, and hungrier.

  2. Montreal. Until proven otherwise, the beast of the East.

  3. Hamilton. 7&3 in past ten games. One loss to sub 500 team.

  4. Sask. 6&4 in past ten games. Three losses to sub 500 teams.

  5. Winnipeg. Although 4&11 they have outscored their opponents.

  6. BC. Printers distraction gone.

  7. Blue team. Luck has run out. Trick plays won't fool anyone to finish season.

  8. Edmonton. Injuries will take their toll.

CFL Rankings:

National Post: ... ury-index/


OK, why not?

  1. Montreal-For the very reason you mentioned...Until proven otherwise.
  2. Calgary-Explosive O and fast, aggressive D.
  3. Saskatchewan-Last week aside, always seem to find a way to win.
  4. Hamilton-Best of the rest and capable of beating anyone IF they can put it all together.
  5. Toronto-Hate everything about them, but they find ways to win (Except against Hamilton) despite their lack of talent.
  6. BC-Have to put them somewhere.
  7. Edmonton-See above.
  8. Winnipeg-Hard luck team, but bottom line is to find a way to win.

put BC at the bottom and you got something.