CFL Rankings the way I see em

  1. Calgary
  2. Edmonton
  3. Montreal
  4. BC
  5. Sask (putting them here hurts me but I feel its just ATM)
  6. Peg
  7. Ham / TO (they are both soo sooo horrible atm)


Revised after what happened in Mtl

  1. Calgary
  2. Montreal
  3. Edmonton / BC
  4. Sask
  5. Wnp
  6. Ham / TO
  1. Calgary
  2. Edmonton
  3. Montreal
  4. BC
  5. Sask
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Hamilton
  8. Toronto

Depending on how todays game goes Montreal could move down in my mind. If they win I'd keep it the way it is. The Riders at this point just aren't a top team. Luckily we're still tied for first and have a chance to get back on top of the rankings.

I agree with you after last nights game. They don't deserve a higher ranking than shown. The coaches deserve even a lower one after the way they handled the game.

I disagree. The fact that the 'Riders have performed as well as they have with the number of injuries to key players that they have had is a testament to the coaching staff.

I would question the playcalling on the 2nd and goal and 3rd and goal but how much of a factor do you think it was that O'day was not in at center and Cates was not in the backfield? By the way was Szarka in on those plays I don't remember seeing him?

After today's game I think it's Edmonton that you're going to be moving down in the rankings.

Yep, 2. Montreal
3. Edmonton

I know a lot of people would move Edmonton down to 4 and BC 3. I had trouble deciding, but I'll stick with Edmonton for now.

1 Calgary
2 BC
3 Montreal
4 Edmonton
5 Saskatchewan
6 Winnipeg
7 Hamilton
8 Toronto