CFL Radio Coverage

We got top notch radio coverage here in Sask. When I can't make it to the games I listen to them on the radio over TV. No delay and the announcers here know exactly who is who and what is what, great announcers to say the least.

How's everyone else's radio coverage?

I'm a Rider fan too, but living in the Edmonton area. And the radio team here is awful, in my opinion. I think it's Farley and Hall, if I remember correctly. Farley (the younger one, if I have them identified correctly) isn't bad, but Hall is a nightmare to listen to. There's no doubt that he knows his football, but I have a terrible time trying to figure out what's going on. Sometimes it seems like they mention the play as an afterthought - "By the way, such and such just carried the ball." Or they'll announce the play, but stop halfway through while they seem to try to figure out what's going on. So you're left waiting, trying to figure out if the pass was completed, dropped, intercepted, or what. It's just frustrating to listen to.

As I said, no doubt they know their football, but very difficult to follow, especially when you compare it to the Sask announcers.

I've also lived in Calgary - their coverage was not bad, but I still liked the Sask announcers better in terms of discussion and following the plays. That was a few years ago, though - I have no idea if things are still the same there or not.

CJOB’s Radio coverage for the Bombers is awesome. I’ve listened to the pre-season games, and a couple of the home games before I went to the Montreal one this year. Last year, I listened to the radio coverage for the home games alot because I only went to one game last year and they hardly show home games on t.v. - darn black-outs.
Blue Bomber Football On CJOB 68
Fresh off the loss to the Calgary Stampeders, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers host the winless Hamilton Tiger Cats. Live from Canad Inns Stadium, Bob Irving, Mitch Zalnasky and Bob Cameron have all the action including Post game comments on CJOB 68.

i live in calgary and i think the coverage of the game is awsome on CHQR 77. they know there stuff and there are no long pauses were there going aa...and... also after the game they have a great post game show. also there is a good pre and post game show/call in show on the FAN 960 it was so funny after the rider game when a lot of drunk rider fans called in.

CJAD in Montreal is Fantastic
Rick Moffat and Tony Proudfoot(ex-als) do a great job of covering the game and they do a great post-game call-in show as well

In French (at CKAC) it sucks big time! The guys keep on talking about stuff unrelated to the game and ask stupid questions to players. And I can't stand the voice of one of them two (I don't even remember his name). He speaks like a synchronized swimmer.

If I have to rely on the radio, I tune in CJAD too.

BTW, has anybody ever followed a University of Montreal Carabins football game on the radio (on CISM, the UofM radio)? Students do the play-by-play. They try hard, but... it ain't easy. I think they figure you've been there ever since the beginning and took note of everything that happened, because they never give the score and make references to earlier events without really repeating what happened.