CFL Quiz

A player on the TiCat roster has the same first and last name as 2 previous Tiger Cats . Name the player.

Which CFL team has produced 2 supreme court justices ? Name the justices and the team.

Feel free to contribute your questions and monitor the answers.

Pat Lynch (think of this as an homage to Peter Dyakowski)

On question #1, my guess is Richardson. But I believe the previous, probably "Robert"s went by Bob, rather than Bobby.

Who was the second Bob Richardson? I can only seem to recall “local-boy” Bob (#71?) who split his time between Hamilton and Saskatchewan. I’ll be interested to find out.

The other one, a DB, apparently may have, also, been known as "Bobby":

John Sopinka (as in the courthouse downtown) played for both the Argos and the Als, but I don’t know of a 2nd one.

Marquay McDaniel has the same first and last names as a guy who played for us a few years back. And wasn't there a Marquay McDaniel who played for us in the 1950s?

I think it’s funny that we have had both a Brock Ralph and a Ralph Brock.

Mcdaniel and Chris Williams

We currently have two RB’s in Alex Green and John White whose last names are colours . My question is name three other former Cats who also played in the backfield whose last names where colours ?

One was Doyle Orange.

Is black a colour?


David Green and Dexter Green?

Darcy Brown and Willie Brown.

Correct on Doyle Orange .

Black isn't one of my other answers .Keep guessing . Not unless I'm missing something I don't recall any former Cat RB's that had the last name of Black although I might be wrong on this .

Correct for both of you . The top three names were the guys I was looking for . The bottom two are a bonus as both are not as well known as the top three . So kudos and good job to the both of you .

Doyle Orange
David Green
Darcy Brown
Dexter Green
Willie Brown

Wow ! No wonder that Dyakowski is so smart. Bob Richardson is correct and the Supremes were Byron “Whizzer” White and John Sopinka of the Argos . The U.S. and Canada were proud and thankful for their service on the bench .
Richardson was a 67 Grey Cup DB, while local Bob was a tight end on the 72 team .

No surprises in Gerbear’s answers but he still gets some lovely parting gifts, right Don Pardo ?

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Hey Bobo, do you remember Ernie White, a little scat back who originally played for the Ottawas but later joined the Cats ?

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Hey Bobo and Pat… besides these guys, does Les Browne count?

Brown, Stan WR 0 1 (1974)
Brown, Charles DB 7 1 (1969)
Brown, Darcy FB, WR 55 4 (2009–2012)
Brown, Elton DE 9 1 (1976)
Brown, Gary G 34 3 (2000–2002)
Brown, Hardy “Thumper? G, LB 7 1 (1956)
Brown, Ike LB 16 3 (2009–2010, 2012)
Brown, Ivan LB 16 1 (2011)
Brown, James “Buster? T 34 3 (1951–1953)
Brown, Jeff DB 4 1 (1998)
Brown, Raymond DB 7 1 (2013)
Brown, Dick HB 59 5 (1950–1954)
Brown, Ronnell DT 8 1 (2012)
Brown, Steve WR 6 1 (1991)
Brown, Tim LB 13 2 (1995–1996)
Brown, Willie RB 3 1 (1997)

Greg Black (1996) on the O-line.

I had to look him up too. He only played one year - in 1960 - and that was before we moved to Canada. (To Toronto at that! But we saw the light after 8 months.)