CFL quickly becoming unwatchable!!!

I've been a CFL fan since I was a kid, 50 plus years ago. There is truly no game like it! But this year, 4 weeks in, I'm finding it difficult to watch...almost unwatchable really... flags almost every play it seems. Big plays being called back etc... its become a bit of a sarcastic game now with my wife... how long will it take, after say a big run-back for a TD or similar, before we see the little yellow "FLAG" font comes up... Its got to point of being totally ridiculous. It is ruining the game. I understand there's going to be some adjustment time with the new rules, but this is crazy. Especially the new 5 yard no touch rule for DB's on receivers. Its to the point now that all a DB has to do is breathe on a receiver and FLAG!!! Brutal. Please review this new rule and revert back to the old rule. Its stuff like this that is making it very difficult for me to try convert NFL fans to this league... even those with open minds and willing to try.
On the positive side of the new rules... the new convert rule from the 32 is great... really requires the kickers to be on their game rather than it being automatic.
Anyway, enough rant... but please consider restoring the ability for officials to use their own discretion when making calls as opposed to "Rule of Law" officiating.... and maybe while you're at it... get rid of video reviews... or if you can't... maybe limit them to one per team per half??

We are one effing month into a season that features a bunch of pretty drastic new rules changes, a season when the league brass and the officials both said that there would be a learning curve as players adjusted to the new rules (as well as to the reduced work hours mandated by the CFLPA). Everything will work itself out. Patience.

Flags aren't yellow (that's the challenge flags)
DPI penalties are down over last year
Last thing the league needs to do is flip the rules back.

Agree with both discipline and Hf. I wonder how many people who think there are too many flags think that stoppages from fight filled hockey games are fine with resulting penalties all over the place?

I smell a TROLL here.

First, there is already a whole thread on this topic (if not more), so mods, please move these posts into that other thread.

Second, it's been shown that penalties aren't up that much over last year during the same period - three more per game. And if weren't for Calgary getting twice as many penalties per game as last year by this time, we'd probably be at the same level or lower this year.

Third, penalties last year started high but were down by Labour Day as the players got better at playing within the rules. This will probably happen again this year.

Fourth, most of the penalties called this year have been on rules that haven't changed in years and have nothing to do with officials' discretion or judgment - offside, procedure, time count. That's just the players messing up. I would expect that to get better as the season goes on (see third point).

Fifth, I suspect rcon may be right, although why anyone would bother trolling on this topic when there are so many other "real" posters making the same statements?

Suggest reading this:


Why????? because its his first post or is it because YOU don't agree with his post? I have a few posts and agree with him when he says the games are almost unwatchable, does that make me a troll??

It’s early but there’s clearly frustration all around, from fans to coaches/management. The flags have slowed the game down and haven’t really delivered on the promise of more scoring.

I'm a young coach, and I told my wife we have to get out of this league. The Canadian game is great, but the officiating is pure crap. I can't have my coaching career – my livelihood – in jeopardy based on what these refs call or don't call. There's no consistency. No common sense. High school refs are way better in the U.S. than what we get up here at the pro level ... ... The penalties are too inconsistent from game to game. Certain crews are calling games much different than others ... ... Why does TSN keep defending the refs? We all need to listen to the fans. I hear it everywhere I go. (The fans) are sick of the refs getting more TV time than my starting quarterback does ... The feeling around our office when it comes to all the penalties is they are what they are ...

Hopefully the trend towards fewer calls per game week to week will continue though and hopefully eventually the game will open up and get back to the type of game the CFL used to be.

This is where I object: Using falsehood to make the argument.

Scoring is up 15 percent
There are like 5 QB's on track for 5000 yards in spite that 4 starters have not returned or been injured long term.
The only penalties up are obvious ones for players "cheating": procedure, off side, illegal blocks...All obvious penalties.
Officials are doing a better job than players, coaches and Rod Black :stuck_out_tongue:

His first post after signing up barely a half hour before posting this rant. And that doesn't smell even a little like someone who joined only to rant? An act I would call troll like. It's not out of bounds to say this guy smells like a troll.

mattsdad is that you?

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Scoring continues to increase. Teams are averaging 53.5 points per game following a week during which games averaged 55.8 points. Nineteen offensive touchdowns were scored. Last season, the average score was 45.5 points.

In terms of penalties, week three averaged 27.5, compared to 28 in week two and 30 to open the season – so the players, slowly, are getting the hang of the new rules.

The league says almost 60 per cent of the infractions are preventable or fall into the roughness category. The top penalty committed remains offside and procedure (96), followed by holding (52), illegal contact on a receiver (30), illegal blocks (27) and defensive pass interference (19). …

Where is the problem ?

Interesting. Where do you get your numbers from? Because they differ from that article I posted above which says:

Scoring is up 5.1 points per game overall from last season, but it has increased only 2.9 points per game when you include only points scored by the offence. Are you fired up for that extra field goal you're getting this year!
Passing yards are up, the Penton article says there's 1000 more passing yards this year than at the same point last year, but it hasn't resulted in a significant net gain in points. Half of that added passing yardage can be pinned on Cato (822 passing yards in three games vs Smith's 541 passing yards in games 2-4 for the Als last year) and Glenn (1228 yards through 3 1/2 games this year compared to 881 yards with BC last year through 4 games).

Stats are trending in the right direction and hopefully eventually we’ll see it translate on the scoreboard. It still doesn’t mean fans can’t be frustrated with the number of flags. And yes the flags we are constantly being reminded that the flags are mostly due to the long standing rules, but that doesn’t mean the process can’t be improved and that includes the officials. Cleaning up those types of penalties is one thing, but the games do need to be officiated more uniformly between crews and calls need to be made quicker both on the field and on the replay challenges to keep the game moving along in my mind. Remember when they used to have a countdown clock on the replay challenges? If you watch some of the older games on ESPN classic, I think you can get a good sense of how the officials huddling so often and the replay challenges have slowed up the game today.

I am. I wish you would teach your players to play within the rules. :thup:


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Another different figure:

CFL News ?@CFL_News 54m54 minutes ago

.@DavePratt1040 - "In 2015, scoring up so far 11%, margin of victory lowest its been in 68 years. the fans are the big winners." #CFL

Why are the stats so inconsistent when using the same data - 11% vs 15% scoring increase, extra 8 pts per game vs 5.1 points?

So what is the time limit before posting after signing up?? Hmm, and what should his first post be about? do tell dcmoses? what would satisfy your strict requirements?
last time I checked this was a discussion forum. He had a gripe about the flags so what! if you don't like it don't read it.

Speaking of trolling.

Sounds like the first stats posted here were after week three, you've probably got the ones after week four there.

Now hold on there pardner, I never said the feller was a troll. Iza just said he dun smell like a troll. :cowboy:

Big difference between looks like and is and surely you can at least admit it looks suspiciously troll like. Especially since he logged out 10 minutes after posting, hasn't been back to see if his rant generated any discussion and it's the only post he's made. Surely you're not suggesting that doesn't at least look suspicious. (I'll stop calling you Shirley)