cfl quarterbacks.

i think it is kinda intersting that all the starting qbs from last year are now still in the league somewhere. Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, BC, Montreal all have the same starting Quarterback from last year in the rotation on there team.

Bishop started for sask at the end, but plays for bombers now

Printers was with hamilton, now with Bc

Glen was with Bombers, now with hamilton.

Either its a sign the canadian league is developing and sticking with Qbs, or it means the league is in desperate need of a new batch of qbs.

noteable releases- DInwitti, williams, crandle, sankey

crandel retired

And it's Dinwiddie.

did he retire first, or did sask release him.

sorry on the miss spell of ryan D's last name. not much of a bomber follower.

Import QB,s need at least a season to adjust to the CFL, rules,field and gameplay , IMHO its time the CFL sign some CIS QB,s who only have to adjust to the game speed , in order to restock the next generation of CFL QB,s :thup: :rockin: