CFL Quarterbacks: State of the Union - 2023

Shiltz is still on the 6 game and will most likely remain there for a few more weeks as the 6 game can be extended at any time. There have been a few hints in interviews and articles that he might be out for the entire season . There is a chance BLM will return before Shiltz.

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Thanks. Not sure Mitchel would be an improvement over Powell at this point, if Coach M can get Powell stretching the field they might have a chance.

Ticats have lots of diversity in the fan base now I’ve learned even a :rocket:rocket scientist or a space cadet?

You hang onto to the ball too long.

Not only that…I’m completely immobile and lock on to receivers right from the snap

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Ya but I bet you could throw a great 10 yard long bomb .

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Here I thought Milanovitch did an excellent job of play calling for a QB who has only played a handful of games last week. He only asked Powell to do the things he could do and do well last week.
That and they used a free agent running back they went out and got for big bucks at last. Any reasonably good running back should get 25-30 touches a week, not 5-10. Mostly because the defence is forced to be ready for run or pass, not ready to blitz the passer way too many times because you don’t run the ball.

  1. Cmon…give me some credit.

I’m also pretty good at handoffs if I remember which side they will be on

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No problem . We will just stick a velcro arrow on the ball to solve that issue. :smiley:
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Toronto will be a harder team to run against, having 2 backs on the field might open up some running room? Another week of coaching and Powell could be able to throw a few 30 yd passes?

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That depends on your competition too though. Ottawa thought the same last week in Edmonton until the first deep pass they threw was nearly intercepted.

There may be an opportunity though as both Hagerty and Priester are on the IR an neither has practised so far.

It’s funny but this obvious even to us fans play calling seemed to elude Condell. It was his biggest failing.


It’s not jut play calling though. It’s play calling plays your QB can execute, building confidence, putting the QB in a situation where he can succeed.

Getting Butler the ball a bunch helps too. There is no really good run game that works when you only give the back the ball 10 times a game.



Starting job in 2024 if they want it:

  • Chip Kelly (just re-committed to the CFL, maybe)
  • Zach Collaros (still among the best - even if WPG moves on, someone will want him)
  • Vernon Adams (more ups than downs, exciting player)
  • Cody Fajardo (probably - someone has to be a starter)

Starting status in jeopardy:

  • Jake Maeir (puts up yardage the way Macbeth used to, performance in stretch run could determine his fate)

Waiting in the wings:

  • Dane Evans (potential redemption story, hasn’t had a lot of opportunity in BC)

Teams need to reassess whether they are healthy/young enough:

  • Jeremiah Masoli (hard to see anyone betting on him as their starter)
  • Trevor Harris (will be 38 next season, but still plays well)
  • Bo Levi Mitchell (let’s see how he does when he gets back on the field)

Emerging talents in the mix for a starting position:

  • Tre Ford (too talented to sit on the bench)
  • Taylor Powell (on the rise, still has more to prove)
  • Dustin Crum (memories of those two OT wins are fading)
  • Dru Brown (should get a shot somewhere)
  • Mason Fine / Jake Dolegala? (haven’t watched enough of their games to have an opinion)

Stock dropping / probably only considered as a backup:

  • Caleb Evans (not quite enough reps yet)
  • Matt Shiltz (seems brittle, starter role does not appear to be his destiny)
  • Taylor Cornelius (would have to renegotiate his contract)
  • Nick Arbuckle (is he still playing?)
  • Tyrie Adams (looked impressive, but very short resume)
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I think Tre Ford is unquestionably Edms starter next year

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At this point I’d definitely agree. Unless he Dustin Crumbles (I don’t think he will) in the remaining few games you’d think he has to open 2024 as the #1 in Edmonton.

The only reason I put Ford in the uncertain category is that the EDM coach-for-life is a bit of a wildcard. He resisted playing Ford as long as he could and likes to solve problems by throwing money at them. It wouldn’t be a shocker if he went fishing in the QB free agent pond.

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Another possibility is that Jones returns to coaching high school in Ohio . :laughing: Ford has a bright future as a starting QB .