CFL QBs: Present, Future, Recent Past

....moved the team, to what? tears?

If you mean three seasons, no they're not. The only guarantee in CFL contracts is that veteran players (I think six-year vets) get paid for the rest of the season if they are on the roster as of Sept. 1. The Argos can cut Jyles any time and would only be out whatever money has been paid to him up to the point of release.

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McPherson knows his time is soon. he has to wait like Calvillo did.

Thing is Durant is already what 28-29 and has 3 and a half years of experiance under his belt of starting, where as McPherosn is already 28 and has maybe 3-4 games of starting? If that? He's going to have to go under the same learning curve exp more INT's than TD's. If he can get you to two grey cups in 3 years like DD did that you found a good QB but all this waiting is it really that good for Mcpherson?