CFL QBs: Present, Future, Recent Past

Basically the way I see it looking also at the stats,

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Calvillo at times looks as good as ever and posts incredible numbers and then, unlike in the past, seems to be down for at least a quarter a game. Burris is as inconsistent as they come though overall has fine numbers.

Ricky Ray is still on his game though he’s sure been shaky in some games and there have been concerns about his shoulder.

Lulay is doing well and will only improve too.

Burris probably still will have some gas in the tank at 37 next season, and who knows if Calvillo at 40 will press onwards especially if Montreal wins another Grey Cup.

McPherson is in line for sure and Tate I would think has a bright future, and then I really have to wonder about every other guy starting or on the bench right now for reasons of injury, heavy performance inconsistency, or they just plain suck at QB in the CFL.

Who will pick up the slack next season in Winnipeg (Buck’s fine but he’s hurt so often), Saskatchewan, Calgary, Hamilton, and Toronto?

And of course I think we can put Joseph, Bishop, Lemon, Printers, Dinwiddie, and Jackson behind us practically speaking, but go ahead if you still want to make a case for any of them.

There is definitely a whole lot of room for new blood to fill all the gaps in ability and talent at QB in the CFL too.

Burris is declining IMO. He can't throw on the run anymore, and for a scrambling quarterback, that's kind of the kiss of death. I find his QB mechanics to be frequently questionable. The second he loses arm strength, he'll be done as a starter in this league, because he's not accurate enough as a pocket-passer to compensate.

Ray is good, but a bit predictable in his reads. Calvillo is still the best QB in the league for my money, though Lulay is a rising star.

I will reserve judgement on Lulay, B.C. has a history of quarterbacks who soar like skyrockets for a season or so, then fizzle out once teams get a book on them. On the other side of the coin, the revolving door at Qb on the left coast really exemplifies the greatness of Geroy Simon who continues to shine, no matter who is pitching.

I think you'd have to be crazy to not like the back ups WPG has right now behind Buck. With Elliot, Brink and Goltz all young and promising.

If Elliot recovers properly from his injury, he may have potential although I'm partial to Brink as a future starter. The kid has moxie and reads well.

Well, just in case Alex Brink's 350 passing yards and big rally from down 29-6 weren't enough, Joey Elliott has shown plenty of promise every time he's gotten to play. He was ahead of Brink on the depth chart until he messed up his knee while driving us to a win in Calgary.. until TJH fumbled and Elliott ripped up his knee trying to save the game with a tackle.. then.. he came back with a torn ACL and drove us for an FG attempt for the win that missed by six inches..

Nothing to worry about here. But I think Buck will be here for a while yet. But with experience, I think either or both of Brink and Elliott will be quality CFL starting QBs - maybe not necessarily in Winnipeg though I'd love to be able to keep both long term just in case.

Travis Lulay will be the known as the best QB in the league immediately after Anthony Calvillo retires, if not sooner (AC is definitely still #1 in my opinion). There is absolutely nothing in his game that indicates he's not going to maintain this level of play. IMO it was always a matter of time with him.

Tate is a real good QB and I think he's going to get his chance soon, if not next season, I believe almost certainly the year after. I agree with disciplineandpunish that Burris is declining. Tate is a good guy to have ready to replace him though.

In Hamilton.. Quinton Porter has all the tools but is he any good as a QB? He has shown flashes but also looked bad at times. But Hamilton will need to change QBs eventually if they want to get out of eternal .500 range, and they'd be best served to give Porter one more shot in my opinion.

As for Toronto.. it'll be a while yet before they can get a good opinion on Jyles. Until they get a couple receivers no QB will look good though.

Brink and Elliot have 'proven' what Quinton Porter 'proved' a few years ago when he torched my Als for 400+ yards. That is, absolutely nothing.

Seriously, a QB has one good quarter in a game he still lost, where seven of those comeback points were off a blocked punt returned for a TD, not his offense, and the only reason it was even a comeback was because a side judge handed out one of the dumbest PI calls this season, and suddenly he's the next big thing? I like Brink, he's a good kid with a great frame and a strong arm, but he was quite pedestrian for most of the Als game, and that was facing a secondary with four starters out of the lineup (Estelle, Brown, Anderson, Boulay). I don't think there's nearly enough evidence to suggest that he's the wave of the future when it comes to CFL QBs.

Brink has been good every time he's touched the ball this year. Elliott, like I said, has shown plenty of promise every time he's got an opportunity.

I never once said they will both absolutely be CFL superstars, don't act like I did. I said it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they both became CFL starters. Not even that they would be, just that I think they can be. I said I would take them over any backup QB not named McPherson. As if Drew Tate or Quinton Porter or any other backup QB has proven anything. McPherson hasn't even proven anything. I said I'm completely confident in both of them if we need someone to replace Buck. And both of them have come into games and done well IN IMPORTANT SITUATIONS. Not putting up big numbers facing prevent defenses, coming into games and having to lead drives and get the Bombers a win or a chance to win - and they have done it. That's all the evidence I need to be confident in their ability to replace Buck if we need them to.

this yrs crop of qbs have some talent, but are not consistant. Only 1 above 100 in rating. Nobody in the 70s in percent competions. As of now, based on this yr, no one, except for AC will ever be mentioned in top 10 of all time. Maybe not even top 20.

What does that mean, 'shown plenty of promise'? What's Elliott's record as a starter? His completion percentage? Quarterback rating? # of TDs thrown?

Brink has been good in limited action this season. I myself have noted that previously. But there is an absolute world of difference between spot duty against teams that aren't preparing for you and being the man, the starter in the headlights, game after game, once teams have film on you and your tendencies.

I never once said they will both absolutely be CFL superstars, don't act like I did.
No, but you did talk about Brink's big comeback as evidence of his worthiness. I simply disputed using said 'comeback' as the basis for the opinion, for reasons I've already gone into. To put it another way, Brink tossed two completely unnecessary interceptions to [i]defensive linemen[/i] in that game, for god's sake.
Not putting up big numbers facing prevent defenses, coming into games and having to lead drives and get the Bombers a win or a chance to win - and they have done it. That's all the evidence I need to be confident in their ability to replace Buck if we need them to.
Not much evidence, frankly, and don't think I'm excluding McPherson from that judgment either, just because I'm an Als fan. To be honest, talking about the Qbs of the future is a mug's game, because we're just not in a position to know with any certainty and there are so many variables to consider. Would Anthony Calvillo have made any QB of the future list back when he was in Hamilton, or even when he was backing up Tracy Ham? Probably not. It's a crapshoot.

Brink is putting up better numbers this year (or career) than either Tate or McPherson while being 2 years younger and still relativley new to the game. Both Brink and Elliot have shown the ability this year to march downfield when the game is on the line, to be a leader and give their team a chance - what more do you want from baby QB's? No one is saying they are the wave of the future, but give me a better QB born 85 or later. They both have promise, and that's what we are excited about.
I can guarentee you that other teams will be watching with intrest whether or not we can keep our stable of QB's for next year.

How many Q.B.'s are a team allowed to protect from Ottawa when they have their draft? I thought it was only 1, and Ottawa can take up to 2 overall, but only 1 from 1 team. Could make for some interesting G.M. decisions in a year or 2.

The sample size is still too small. It's comparatively easy to look good in limited action, particularly when defenses aren't game-planning for you specifically and nobody has film on your tendencies. The fact that Winnipeg has a ferocious defense makes it doubly difficult to assess the QB, and that goes for Buck as well as Brink or Elliott. Right now, none of those quarterbacks has to do more than manage a game, Trent Dilfer style, because the Bomber D is so dominant.

Burris is declining quickly. How many times have we seen him bumble a game away? A lot of bad mistakes plus his age are adding up. I can't see him lasting another 2 years. Ray is seeing quite the resurgance and could last a while as long as there's a good line in front of him.

I just have a feeling that McPherson will be traded given that it's time for him to play and not continue to wait.

McPherson's just too good to allow to sit around any more, and I bet some team pays for him to start. Why not?

And who is not excited about Drew Tate? Lulay for sure came of age and then some.

Alex Brink either shows more of what he has this season or I am not positive on him, and it seems time for Kevin Glenn to play somewhere else too.

I am not sold at all on Jyles in Toronto or on Durant or Burris anywhere.

There is so much room for new blood, but please avoid any on this list of bums somehow in the NFL:


Wow, I would take Durant for the Argos in a heartbeat. Can only dream that Saskatchewan would give up on him and at this point and put him on the trading block. I have no confidence in Jyles' ability at all.

I think with a better coaching staff, especially on offense, and a better receiving core, Jyles ability to run and throw long will really be a dangerous combination making a dynamic offense.

Previous to the shoulder injury, I would have easily and fully agreed with you.
Although I'm not certain Jyles will regain the same form and zip he had before the surgically repaired shoulder.

It has been nearly a year and a half since the cuff operation, thus we will know within the first 3-4 games of the following season whether he is a keeper or not.
And if not, the Argos are on the hook for 3 terms. :o

And all played this season and moved the team and scored points, that's almost unheard of at any level.

as much as I am happy with lulay, I am looking forward to reilly getting some serious playing time.