CFL QBs: Present And Future

I started this commentary on another thread, so I figured why not just make it a new thread so we can argue forever too.

Now please feel free to share your love and hate lists for CFL QBs. Think of this thread perhaps as the CFL version of a bad anger management class. :slight_smile:

Best Upside Not Franchise QBs:

Lulay, Tate, Lemon, McPherson

in no particular order

I can sense plenty of argument coming on that list, but we all have our reasons.

Indeed Lulay and Lemon are starters already, but both would have to battle again for their starting jobs if it were next season I suspect. So long as health is in store, I predict each of them will win their jobs again. Both just need a better supporting cast on defence and on offence respectively. Imagine for example if BC had Toronto's defence or if Toronto had BC's receivers.

Everyone else who is a starter at QB still has equal or better game ahead of them for at least a season more.

This includes Buck Pierce if he does not get hurt again as is sadly unlikely.

Everyone otherwise not listed above who is a backup now is a grade down with a long way and longer odds against their progress.

Who knows how long the great Calvillo will play too, as he sure has not lost a step.

Burris sure put up some scary numbers today despite a loss and some easy mistakes.

if lulay doesnt improve much over this season, watch for mike reilly to give him a run for his money next camp.

Dalton Bell gets a second chance to make his case to be a full-time starter now thanks to that hit on Lemon that was worse than anyone honest had thought even though the evidence as cited in the game thread shows it was a legitimate hit.

If Bell holds his own in Edmonton on the road, he'll have my respect but otherwise I sure don't want to hear from folks "be patient -- he's young and inexperienced" if he commits two or more turnovers for which he is clearly at fault as opposed to just plainly a fine defensive play, a bad snap, or a receiver with bad hands.

Calvillo hasn't lost a step
In fact...from all indications...he's upped his foot-speed
And the rest of his game is as good...or better than ever

That's not really the issue is it?
Pushing 39..AC has had three injuries in the past two years
That have taken him out of games
This for a quarterback who gets the ball away faster
And for other reasons is probably "cleaner" than any pivot in the league

I'd have to assume that if this starts to become a habit
McPherson will start seeing some more action

Calvillo starts this Friday against Hamilton
No slouches at smacking opposing quarterbacks around
I only hope that AC's vision problems were as a result of the inside of the helmet somehow affecting his eye
And not as a result of the impact with the ground

Five days rest is hardly enough
For an injury that resulted in serious though temporary loss of vision
As the result of an impact to the head

I trust that AC is OK
But as he gets further along that path to the inevitable
Hopefully Adrian McPherson will be able to step in
And start to lend a hand/foot...whatever

Good stuff Senior; I'm looking forward to the Esks vs Als === first game in Montreal and the second match in Edmonton.
Anthony Calvillo and Ricky Ray going up against each others D, thus barring injury however. Showdown I say 8)

FUTURE = Dalton Bell, as my pick for who I think will be a bonified starter in this league. Yeh Yeh, I know he hasn't exactly lit it up is his few opportunities, but he hasn't stunk the place out eighther. I just love the ball that he throws, On a rope, and seems more than capable of figuring this league out, given 10 - 15 starts, IMO. He seems to have a very valuable intangible that a lot of would be's don't seem to have. He seems smart with everything he does, and just lacks a few games under his belt. I would be surprised that, if given the number of starts that Lemon has had, he wouldn't be miles ahead of where Lemon is at now, development wise. Hopefully we see him this week.

I'd like to see Bell do well
Frankly...Barker's obsession with Cleo Lemon is getting a little embarrassing
Not as embarrassing as the compromising photos Lemon must have on Barker
Ensuring his undying "loyalty"


Seriously though
Lemon looked great in pre-season
But has stunk up the league...going on a second season now
It's time for a change in Toronto
Somebody's got to break though that wall of Lemon-denial

Maybe Bell
If not...
I'll bet Jyles tears it up with the Argos
If he ever gets back to health

Those old Ray/Calvillo shootouts were pretty entertaining stuff
And the Eskimos of the day certainly knew how to shut down Anthony Calvillo
When they needed to

Times have changed
AC is wiser and faster
Ray's been through some hard times
The teams have re-tooled
With great talent on both sides

The way things look now
We could be in for a few classic confrontations
Great "showdowns" for sure!

O.K. Bell is starting. Get ready to witness the dawn of the next great one, IMO, of course.

I'd have to change tune to some degree on Bell.

If Bell holds his own against Montreal if Barker sticks with him as I think he should, I'd add him to my list below too.

Bell's still raw in his decisions to throw or not to throw at times, but Bell stayed in the hunt most of the game and threw a pretty good ball only to be let down at times by the receiver.

I think Barker will stick with Bell for the next game now that the Argos appear to be in an offensive rhythm.

Bell needs to work on leading more on the long ball, but it is early, and he was entertaining to watch. From a fan perspective he made the game a lot more entertaining on the Argo side

That loss last night does not look like it is on Lemon to me, as the Lemon haters are out in force apparently, when Toronto's defence allows Calvillo to complete a whopping 83% of this passes. It's as if Toronto's defensive scheme was to play flag football defence.

Even so I am 50/50 on Lemon's mental endurance in games now. Lemon's stats sure looked good overall including the interception that reportedly was not his fault subject to review of the video, but as one fine commenter stated you can't just play one solid half of football as a QB and expect to win enough games.

Give Lemon two more games and then make a call to bench or not.

More commentary and video in the Argos forum:


But… 83% is only slightly above average! :wink:

In all seriousness, I agree with you. Not much of a Lemon fan but he was not bad yesterday and to be honest, even in some of his other games this year, he has taken more heat than he deserves.

I don't understand why they'd try that rush-three thing again when it didn't work, at all, in the first game between the two teams. They did try to mix up their looks by bringing pressure a few times, but that early Green TD on the hitch pass really punked out their blitz packages.

Rushing three and dropping into coverage is what you might do to frustrate a young QB with an itch to throw bombs down the field. It's not what you do against an 18-year veteran future Hall of Fame quarterback throwing to one of the best slot tandems in the league.

I'll say. . . seems to me their defensive coordinator, Mr Garber, has some 'splaining to do . ..

And I guess Barker wasn't buying his explanation. . . he just fired him.