CFL QB's Play 5 Questions

A fun little article from the Toronto Star:

I like Ritchies answer to quesiton #3.

[b]The flirty dozen

Marcus Brady, Dave Dickenson, Richie Williams, Marcus Crandell, Ricky Ray, Damon Allen, Jarious Jackson, Michael Bishop, Kevin Glenn, Buck Pierce, Kerry Joseph and Casey Printers.
May 29, 2008 04:30 AM
Diana Zlomislic
Living Reporter

It’s not often you get quarterbacks from every team in the Canadian Football League together in one room. We caught up with the overarchingly — achingly — endearing guys at Lobby on Bloor St. W. where they agreed to play 5 Questions with Diana Zlomislic.

C’mon men, enlighten us:

  1. What is your greatest physical asset?
  2. What’s the first thing you notice in a woman?
  3. What was the last thing that made you cry?
  4. If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing?
  5. What can football teach a woman?

Marcus Brady
Montreal Alouettes
28, married, two children

  1. "Women always tell me I have a nice smile.?
  2. “A woman’s waist.?
  3. “When my daughter had a (fever-related) seizure. It was our first experience. Her eyes rolled back and she started turning blue. The ambulance came. In the end, she was okay.?
  4. “I’ve got a finance degree so I’m leaning toward becoming a tax accountant. I’m into numbers.?
  5. “Patience. Some games, things aren’t going to go your way but you’ve got to push forward and stick with it.?

Dave Dickenson,
Calgary Stampeders
35, married, two children

  1. “My smile.?
  2. “I notice her mouth, her teeth, her smile, her lips.?
  3. “A friend of mine had a baby recently who has a serious disease. The girl is alive but she’s going to have a tough road ahead of her. I cry when her father emails me with updates. It’s hard to think about.?
  4. “A coach or financial planner. In college, I thought about becoming a team doctor but I’m too old to go back to school.?
  5. “Maybe commitment to more than yourself. How to exist in a partnership.?

Richie Williams,
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
25, single, no children

  1. “My eyelashes?
  2. “So many things. Sexy heels.?
  3. “Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.?
  4. “NASCAR, pit crew.?
  5. “How to be a team player.?

Marcus Crandell,
Saskatchewan Roughriders
35, married, two children

  1. “My right arm.?
  2. “Her face.?
  3. “My siblings came up to visit my sons in March. We’re a pretty close family so when they left, we all had a moment.?
  4. “I’d be working my way toward my own business.?
  5. “Patience. In my position anyway. Sometimes, the defence takes things away. You have to wait for that next opportunity.?

Ricky Ray,
Edmonton Eskimos
28, married, no children

  1. “My height. I’m 6?3.?
  2. “I like legs. I like the athletic build.?
  3. “I’m not a big cryer. The last time was probably when my parents divorced. I was in college at Sacramento State.?
  4. “Realistically, I’ve got a business degree so I’d likely be doing something in sales.?
  5. “Accountability. Everybody’s got a job to do and if you don’t do your job, you’re letting down your whole team.?

Damon Allen,
Toronto Argonauts
44, married, four children, retired on May 28, 2008

  1. "My right arm."
  2. "Her eyes."
  3. "Any movie that has to do with a father-child relationship. I cried during
    I Am Sam and ET."
  4. "I’d be a baseball player."
  5. "Strategy. It’s a sophisticated sport similar to chess. You have to be ready to react to your opponent."

Jarious Jackson,
B.C. Lions
31, single but dating, one child

  1. "Strong right arm."
  2. "My eyes go to a woman’s face first and then I look at the rest of her."
  3. "Watching P.S. I Love You."
  4. "I truly don’t know. Something in the corporate world. I majored in marketing."
  5. "Tolerance. You have to understand that everyone has a different personality and different moods and you all have to come together and gel every week."

Michael Bishop,
Toronto Argonauts
32, pleads the Fifth on the relationship question

  1. “A lot of people say I have beautiful hands.?
  2. “Toes. You can tell a lot about how she takes care of herself. “
  3. “My mom’s funeral.? So you haven’t cried once in the past two years? He shakes his head. “I’m all cried out.?
  4. "I’d like to work in a juvenile detention centre; help kids get going in the right direction."
  5. If you want to be aggressive, it can teach you how to be aggressive; how to be calm in a crazy environment. It can teach you how not to handle pressure, how to handle pressure. A million things."

Kevin Glenn,
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
28, married, “one year and two months. No kids yet?

  1. "My dimples"
  2. "Whether or not she has on clean shoes."
  3. "Not playing in the Grey Cup. I got a little emotional just before kickoff in the locker room."
  4. "If I wasn’t playing football, I’d probably be playing baseball or I’d be a movie star like Denzel Washington. I like dramas but I love comedy, too. I really like Martin Lawrence."
  5. "It teaches you how to get along with other people. That could be something women can use in their relationships and marriages."

Buck Pierce,
B.C. Lions
26, girlfriend for past three years

  1. “My football butt.?
  2. “Probably their hair. I like clean, fresh-looking hair.?
  3. “I cried during The Bucket List.? (Critics derided the film for it’s "schmaltzy script.")
  4. “Elementary school teacher.
    I like kids. I spend a lot of time coaching in the off season.?
  5. “Perseverance.?

Kerry Joseph,
Toronto Argonauts
34, single, divorced for five years

  1. "My quads."
    He can press 425 lbs.
  2. He laughs. "Her butt."
  3. "After winning the Grey Cup championship."
  4. "I really wouldn’t want to do anything but football. If I had to though, I either be coaching or a personal trainer."
  5. "How to be humble."

Casey Printers,
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
27, single, no children

  1. "My abs. It’s a nice little 12 pack."
  2. "Her smile. No, I take that back. I’m noticing her clothes. I’m from Texas. How a woman dresses; her accessories, her heels. It’s the ultimate turn on or turn off." 3. "Great question. I don’t want to sound like a wuss so I won’t say it was a movie. It was a death. My grandpa - old age."
  3. Still thinking ...
  4. "Angles. You’ve got to be an excellent mathematician to be a great football player[/b]."

That's awesome. Thanks for sharing that. There are some really good answers there.

Poor Bishop. I had no idea he'd lost his mother. That's very sad.

You can also get a bit of an idea who the class clowns are. I'm amazed by what some of them shared.

Very informative. Who knew Brady was a QB? :wink:

Cool... thanks for sharing that!!

That was great. By the way, I'm a toe man too. :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

Lol we should play 5 questions with forum members. I'll let Bob go first lol. Or whoever wants to.

WAY too much information

Questions 1 and 4 are relevant. The rest should have been dumped. Movie magazine fluff.

Sadly that was the best piece of CFL journalism to come along in years.

Several light years beyond the Sun's 2-page spread last Sunday?

An Argo-Cat fan

yes sir it was lol

my 5 questions

1 who is your favorite ex CFL QB
2 who is your favorote ex NFL qb
3 who is your favorite present NFL qb
4 who is your favorite receiver you have thrown to at any level
5 which receiver that you have never played with would you most like to play with (on the football field that is)

1 Kerwin Bell jk umm Doug Flutie
2 Brett Favre
3 That 300 pound back up qb with the giants lol
4 Some guy named Rico
5 Jason Armstead lol no umm DJ Flick

  1. Joe Zuger ... cool name
  2. Joe Montana, John Elway, Brett Favre
  3. Tom Brady
  4. Suzy, some girl in a halter top at the beach? :thup:
  5. Ben Calhoun

anyone who wants to answer my questions, feel free, always interesting, but I meant I would have liked them to ask those questions of the 12 QBs.

  1. Tom Clements
  2. Ken Stabler
  3. JaMarcus Russell (Raider fan answer) LOL :wink:
  4. I was the receiver :smiley:
  5. Garney Henley

Oski Wee Wee,

you threw the ball to yourself? I have punted the ball to myself, in a touch game, but cant say I have thrown to myself.

LMAO I meant that when playing pickup football as a kid, I was the receiver, I didn't QB. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,