CFL QBs in 2021

In 1981 an even better Cats team blew it against a crappy Ottawa team.

The infamous Pat Stoqua TD still causes PTSD to this day. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:


:sunglasses: Close but not quite. I may have done a few more sit-ups in my time.

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I could not agree with you more.

I've become more of a baseball fan than a CFL fan this year. I don't post anywhere near as often as I used to. And I haven't been able to watch a complete CFL game yet.

I still go to every game I can make, and I'm still pumped on game day. My comment was more to point out, that there have been times I've been at game thinking it a boring.

If I as a STH am thinking that, I can only imagine what casuals are thinking.

Well definitely some of the games have not been as exciting this year. But I think as a hardcore fan I still find the games enjoyable because I find myself entranced with the whole process. How certain players are executing, what is the next playcall, which player just got substituted and so on. Before you know it we are heading to the parking lot and have to wait another week. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just like me and the wife... :innocent:

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I know a bunch of people that feel the same way post the missed season.

The game has progressively going down hill for a few years now.

I'm not saying Pat Stoqua was slow but when they tore down Ivor Wynn, Stoqua still hadn't crossed the goal line :laughing:
I was there too , and the better team lost that day .

Pat Lynch (still hurts me also)


The big airlifts after Labour Day just don’t happen anymore. NFL rosters / practice rosters are too damn big nowadays, hard to find real difference makers that can turn around a struggling team late in the season. Also the crossover never existed way back when, some of those crummy Eastern teams that snuck in the playoffs in the late 70s or early 80 s would be dead in the water nowadays.

Totally off topic, but... The Ticats partner team, Forge FC, has just done the near impossible and dispatched the Costa Rica team in the second game of a Quarter Final winning 3 - 0 at THF after losing 3 - 1 in Costa Rica! First CPL team to ever make it to the semi-finals of the Concacaf Champions League! This is Bob Young's team!!!! :100:


My first playoff game. Skip Walker wasn't an airlift he was an established player but yeah...That loss is what acclerated the anti - Clements movement to critical mass.
If people think Masoli gets a raw deal from fans you have no clue what it was like back then.

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Believe someone threw a brick or some object through the front window of his home in Hamilton in 83. He was happy to get traded to Wpg.

I wonder how 1984-85-86 would have played out for Ticats if Clements had stayed.

Well 86 worked out just fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brock was an MOP QB so the1984 Cats weren't really deficient at the QB position.

I think I remember hearing that Clements lived in a house on Bay St. up around Aberdeen. That's apparently where the brick crashed through the window.

Well, Cody Fajardo believes that the year off is impacting the level of play this year: ‘People don’t respect the talent in the CFL’: Cody Fajardo blames year off rather than Canadian game for lack of offence | 3DownNation
Can't say I disagree with him.

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Offense has been declining for 6 straight years. Can blame some of it on the layoff, some of it on the lack of chemistry and 1 year contracts, some on the number of flags, etc.


  • Lack of contact in practice, strict limits on overall practice time
  • Whatever it is in the CFL that results in so many QB injuries (not sure why)
  • Coaches deploying every new resource on the defensive side. Example: extra roster spots or extra Americans going almost exclusively to the defence. Tiger-Cats tomorrow: 11 backups on D, 6 backups on O; 3 Cdn starters on D, 5 on O.

You'd think a guy who threw 158 yds 0 tds would lay low for awhile with the soundbytes.

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Basically giving himself an excuse for his non MOP season. He was the betting favourite remember.